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Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities & Programs

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Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities & Programs

In order to help our patients live out their best futures, all our treatment programs are based on clinical models.

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Our programs at Vertava Health focus on evidence-based and proven treatment methods in the behavioral health field that are designed to help people find lasting relief and recovery.

Patients will work in both small groups as well as one-on-one with their therapist to put these different types of therapies to work. Depending on the level of care, our patients may spend anywhere from several hours a day in these therapy programs to just a few hours a week. These treatment modalities are led by licensed therapists and clinicians with experience in these different types of behavioral health therapies.

Types of Mental Health Therapies

Our programs for mental health include the use of a variety of mental health therapy models and follow guidelines from the National Association of Behavioral Healthcare. These different mental health therapies are used in both individual counseling sessions with the patient’s therapist as well as in group therapy sessions when appropriate.

Our core evidence-based treatment modalities for people with mental health conditions include:

Because everyone is unique and some treatment modalities are more effective than others for certain mental health conditions, the exact type of mental health therapy that is used during treatment may vary from patient to patient. Before treatment begins, the patient’s experienced care team will use measurement-based assessment tools to help determine what treatment modalities they believe will be the most effective for that specific patient. The care team will also adapt treatment as needed throughout the patient’s time in their program.

Types of Addiction Treatment

At Vertava Health, we use several different types of evidence-based addiction therapy models and follow American Society of Addiction Medicine guidelines to help patients overcome their substance use and build a solid foundation for life-long recovery.

Our core-evidence based treatment modalities for people struggling with substance use and addiction include:

Patients living on-site at one of our facilities will follow a full schedule of programming that focuses on these different types of therapies for addiction. In contrast, our patients in a lower level of care may only need a few hours of therapy a week. These addiction treatment modalities can be used in group and individual therapy sessions that are led by a licensed therapist or clinician.

Because addiction is so destructive and many people in recovery need comprehensive care in order to find lasting recovery, we also offer alternative addiction treatment programs and activities alongside our evidence-based treatment modalities. These ancillary programs are designed to enhance the recovery process and improve patients’ overall well-being.


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