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At Vertava Health we know that the time to heal begins the very second you pick up the phone to call.  Our treatment specialists have the decades of experience as well as the necessary educational and professional backgrounds to quickly assess and place you or your loved one into the proper program by meeting you exactly where you are on the addiction spectrum.

Clinical assessments and insurance verification’s are free.  Our goal is get you better, today.

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Addictions We Treat

We Treat Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is the drug most widely used and one of the drugs that causes the most addiction, disease, and violence. It is highly addictive and once a person becomes addicted to alcohol – quitting is extremely difficult.

You’re here because you are physically or mentally addicted to alcohol. You have a strong need, or craving, to drink. You feel like you must drink just to get by.

Signs That You’re Addicted To Alcohol:

  • You cannot quit drinking or control how much you are drinking.
  • If you go too long between getting high you can’t sleep or think of anything except how to get your next drink.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Symptoms like being sick to your stomach, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety are a part of alcohol withdrawal.
  • Your day is spent finding ways to buy more alcohol. You have given up your regular life activities to pursue alcohol.
  • You continue to drink even though it causes physical and emotional problems for you.

Alcoholism is a disease. It’s not a weakness or a lack of willpower. Like most other diseases, it has a course that can be predicted, has known symptoms, and is affected by your genes and your life situation.

Learn more about alcohol addiction treatment or call 1-844-470-0410 now to get help now.

We Treat Illegal Drug Addiction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans die every day from drug overdoses than from car accidents — an average of 110 people per day. Illegal drugs remain high on the list for users because they are highly addictive, are easy to find, and are cheap.

Heroin is the most widely used illegal drug and its addictive properties are strong.  Heroin addicts very quick go from using it to get high to using it to live.  Quitting heroin without going through a drug treatment program is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

You’re here because you’ve tried to quit heroin.  It’s taken over your life and you don’t know how to stop.

Signs That You’re Addicted To Heroin:

  • Getting high on heroin takes priority over eating
  • If you go too long between getting high you can’t sleep or think of anything except how to get the next dose of heroin.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop. Symptoms like nausea, hallucinations, panic, and paranoia are a part of heroin withdrawal.
  • Your day is spent finding ways to buy more heroin.  You have given up your regular life activities to pursue heroin.
  • You continue to use no matter the physical and emotional consequences.

Heroin addiction is a disease that can be effectively treated and you can heal.

Learn more about heroin addiction treatment or call 1-844-470-0410 now to get help now.

We Treat Mental Health Disorders

Many times a person is struggling with a mental disorder such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. In lieu of getting proper treatment for these disorders, people self-medicate by using drugs and alcohol for temporary relief of the symptoms.

Mental illness is not cured by self-medicating. It is worsened. This is you, and we can help.

Signs That You’re Self-Medicating To Ease The Pain Of A Mental Illness:

  • You’re just back from a military tour abroad and you can’t get the images of death out of your dreams – unless you drink or use drugs.
  • You’ve been in a terrible car accident and now you can’t drive your car without at least one Xanax to “calm your nerves.”
  • You’re always sad and in emotional pain – unless you’re high on heroin.
  • The idea of going through the day without at least one Vicodin causes you great stress and anxiety.

Mental illness can often be a gateway to addiction. You’re here because there is something going on in your life that you’ve been treating with drugs or alcohol. It’s time to identify that so you can heal.

Learn more about treating mental health disorders or call 1-844-470-0410 now to get help now.

Instead Of 12 Steps, We Want You To Take Just One.

Contact our addiction specialists at Vertava Health. We believe that in order to be successful for the long term your rehab treatment must compose of three specific elements – a medical component, a mental health component and a spiritual component.

Medical Assessments And Treatment

Drugs and alcohol respond differently in different metabolisms. Our medical professionals perform the necessary tests, clinical assessments and services provide you with a treatment solution to help you heal – physically.

Medical detox can be the first step for many who come to us for treatment. This process is closely monitored by doctors in a safe environment. Some patients who come to us also need medication to either continue the process of removing the addictive property from the system but also to treat mental illnesses like depression, PTSD or obsessive compulsive disorders.

Our medical program is staffed by doctors and nurses who are trained to manage patients struggling with addiction and is an essential, integral part to our overall Vertava Health program.

Mental Health Management

Our addiction treatment campuses are staffed with licensed professional counselors who are trained to address common mental health disorders like anxiety or depression, which often cause or co-occur with drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

In addition to that, our clients are taught important mental health balance techniques like meditation and mindfulness. There is also a focus on how to have fun again, how to handle life stressors without drugs or alcohol and anger management. The skills they learn are invaluable and are the reasons our clients stay sober when they leave our treatment program.

Spirituality Education

We help our clients connect with God and teach them how believing and relying on spirituality for forgiveness and love can release them from their burden and give them back the life they deserve to live. Our Christian-based drug rehab facility is the only one of its kind in the country and has an 85% success rate – a number that is unheard-of in addiction treatment. Our clients learn how to see themselves as beloved children of God.

This life lesson fosters within them an emotional healing and strong sense of security that they will carry with them for life. Our spiritual tutelage is one of the strongest components in our treatment plan and is the reason our program is so successful.

Get Help Now.

Our addiction treatment specialists have the experience and educational and professional backgrounds to quickly assess and place you into the proper program.

Clinical assessments and insurance verification’s are free.

Get help, now. We love you and want to see you heal.