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Men’s Rehab Program

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Men have specific needs when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. That’s why several Vertava Health treatment facilities offer gender-specific programs that cater to the unique differences between men and women in addiction and recovery.

Gender-specific programs address a wide range of addictions, including alcohol, prescription drug, and illicit drug dependence. Our treatment programs also help men who are suffering from co-occurring conditions, including PTSD and other mental health disorders. Attending a men’s alcohol and drug rehab program can provide many benefits and allow men to focus on recovery in a distraction-free environment. Our addiction treatment programs provide customized treatment plans that meet each man’s needs who walks through our doors. Call Vertava Health today at 844.470.0410 for more information about our services.

Why Should I Choose a Gender-Specific Rehab for Men?

Some men may be hesitant to enter an addiction treatment program because it will make them weak. Many men are brought up with the conditioning that they should be able to fix their problems themselves rather than ask for help. However, deciding to enter treatment for a substance use disorder is one of the best and bravest decisions that can be made.

Each man who enters a drug and alcohol rehab program has different needs. The gender-specific programs offered at Vertava Health treatment facilities work to address the specific needs that led a person to enter treatment. Unlike programs that are not male-specific, our recovery programs cater to the unique requirements of men to get and stay sober.

Attending a men’s alcohol and drug rehab program can be beneficial for any male looking to overcome substance addiction. Whether this is your first time in treatment or you are attempting to get sober again after a relapse, our gender-specific programs offer individualized plans of recovery for men.

Benefits of a Men’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

Men face unique challenges in recovery. As fathers, caregivers, husbands, and professionals, men are often under a great deal of pressure to provide and show up for their loved ones. Effective treatment programs address the various emotions men face when getting sober and help them learn to cope with these emotions to promote long-term sobriety.

In addition to addressing the unique emotions that men experience when getting sober, other benefits of a men’s addiction program include:

  • A distraction-free environment where men can focus on recovering
  • Therapies that address specific male-related issues in recovery, including masculinity and sexuality
  • The chance to form lasting relationships with other men in recovery
  • A higher level of comfort that may be hard to experience in gender-mixed treatment programs
  • Better communication
  • Reduced feelings of judgment that can result in more comfortability discussing issues

Many men feel more comfortable in gender-specific programs. The more comfortable an individual feels in treatment, the more likely he is to stick with the program and take sobriety seriously.

Types of Treatment Offered in Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

At Vertava Health, we go to great lengths to ensure we meet the needs of each patient. Our men’s addiction treatment programs offer various treatment and other methods to provide a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery.

Types of treatment that may be available in our men’s alcohol and drug rehab programs include:

  • Counseling — Specialized counseling is a large part of a successful treatment program. Counseling in a men’s program is catered to the unique issues men face, including domestic violence, anger management, and relationship counseling.
  • Behavioral therapy — Various types of behavioral therapy are often used in a men’s addiction treatment program. These types of therapy can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).
  • Alternative therapy — In addition to behavioral therapies, many treatment programs also offer alternative therapy options for men. These may include adventure therapy and physical exercise, both of which have been shown to help men in recovery.
  • Life skills — Many treatment programs help men develop healthy life skills that will promote a positive and productive life after treatment. Job skills classes and parenting classes may also be offered.
  • Family therapy — Many men who enter a rehab program have a family to support. Family therapy can help family members better understand their loved one’s substance use disorder and show the family how they can support their loved one in recovery.

Additionally, several of our addiction programs for men offer dual diagnosis treatment. Co-occurring disorders that are commonly seen in men include addiction and depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

Finding Recovery at Vertava Health

A men’s addiction treatment program can help you reclaim your life and live confidently in sobriety. Vertava Health has various treatment facilities throughout the United States, many of which offer gender-specific addiction programs. Each rehab center provides customized plans for recovery to meet the needs of each patient. To learn more about our men’s alcohol and drug rehab programs, contact a Vertava Health treatment specialist by calling 844.470.0410 today.