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Sober Living Provides The Tools For Living Life After Addiction

At Vertava Health our mission is not to just finish a rehab program and then release a person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We provide many levels of aftercare including transitional living and sober living centers. Sober living is provided for clients who have completed our dialectical behavior treatment programs and are ready to practice the life skills education that they received during treatment. Because relapse is so common in other short term treatment programs, we have designed our program as a continuing education track for clients to detox, heal and practice their new life skills lessons by living life.

Clients will live in a safe, clean house with others who are also in addiction remission. They will be expected to hold a job and pay rent and cover their meal expenses. These types of items may not sound daunting to you – but to the person who is in addiction recovery they can seem overwhelming and stressful.

When addiction commands the brain, clients often lose their jobs, lose their families and their regular survival instincts (food, water, shelter) are altered.  Rather than live in the world, their brains are re-trained by drugs and alcohol to believe that physiological survival is now based on procuring and imbibing the prescription drug they may be addicted to or the cocaine or meth that has taken priority.

Because of this – they literally forget how to live a normal life. Much like a stroke victim has to relearn how to talk or walk, a person who is in addiction remission has to relearn how to function properly in life again.

Sober Living Is One Of The Best Ways A Person Can Put Into Practice The Life Skills Lessons They Are Taught In Addiction Treatment.

In our sober living homes, our clients practice skills like:

  • Job interviewing
  • Opening a bank account
  • Financial management
  • Job stress management
  • Adjustment to rush hour traffic
  • Understanding anger
  • How to have fun
  • How to communicate about the past
  • What happens if drugs or alcohol is present?
  • Family stress management

Clients can live in our sober living facilities anywhere from 30 days to a year depending on how well they are adjusting back to life and handling life stressors. They still attend meetings with our campus counselors and when they are ready to transition out of sober living and return to their home environments we provide meeting opportunities, a calendar and addiction treatment and family therapists in their areas. We even provide information on local sober living facilities if the client wants to return home but isn’t feeling ready to live on his or her own just yet.

Addiction is a powerful disease of the brain and it’s important that families understand that in order to heal fully from it a person must continue care. Most treatment centers do not provide sober living facilities. It’s important that one ask about the specific type of treatment that will be available but remember that aftercare and life skills treatment is as important as addiction recovery. Be sure to find a treatment campus like Vertava Health that has both.

24 / 7 Substance Use Support Hotline: 1-844-451-0263

One year ago, my son took a huge step in the right direction as I dropped him off at Vertava Health. That decision will change his life and impact our family forever. We are eternally grateful to Vertava Health for helping turn our son around and get him started in a new life! We love our new family at ACTN!

—- Connie White, Mother of an ACTN Spring 2 Life Campus graduate