mom and young adult getting treatment on computer

While many facilities solely treat adults, substance abuse and mental health issues among teens and adolescents are common. At Vertava Health, some of our locations are young adult treatment centers as well as facilities for adults to help the adolescent population move past their behavioral health conditions and get back on track for a brighter future.


Adolescent & Teen Mental Health Treatment

Half of all mental health conditions begin by age 14, but many go left untreated for several years or sometimes even forever.1 At Vertava Health, some of our locations offer virtual and onsite outpatient mental health treatment for young adults to help those struggling with mental health issues in adolescence find the care they need sooner rather than later.

An outpatient program help teens and adolescents get help for their mental health without having to be completely removed from their regular lives. Instead of living onsite at a mental health treatment facility for young adults, they will participate in regular therapy while still being able to go to school or continue working.

To help patients receive the most effective mental health care, treatment plans are customized to each patient’s specific needs. For some teens and young adults, this may mean programming that focuses on issues such as bullying, academic stress, or the negative effects of social media. Working one-on-one and in groups with a licensed therapist, young adults will gain self-awareness and get a better understanding of their condition. With this insight, they will be able to work toward not only managing but also reducing their symptoms so they can lead happier and healthier lives.


Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Adults

Drinking and experimenting with drugs are common practices among the adolescent population. About 70% of students will have tried alcohol and nearly half will have experimented with an illicit substance by their senior year of high school.2 Among college students, this substance use may be worse as binge drinking occurs frequently and drug experimentation continues.3

When these practices go beyond casual abuse, the consequences can be dangerous. Addiction can potentially destroy a person’s future, but treatment and rehabs for teens and young adults can help this group regain control of their lives.

At Vertava Health, some of our locations offer outpatient recovery programs for young adults. These programs are designed to help those who recently completed treatment at a teen drug rehab or those looking for more flexible care options to begin their journey to recovery. The benefit to this type of adolescent treatment program is that patients can fit drug or alcohol treatment into the already busy schedules and maintain their job or continue to go to school.

During their time in our young adult treatment program, patients will learn more about the root causes of their addiction as well as how to better cope with stressors and triggers moving forward. Because young adults face unique challenges and everyone is different, treatment is tailored to the individual and will focus on issues particular to the patient’s life such as peer pressure or the triggering environment of a college campus. Under the guidance of licensed and caring professions, young adults can build a strong foundation in recovery that promotes lifelong sobriety.


Some adolescents do not want to get help and some parents are hesitant to enroll their child in a young adult treatment program, but not doing anything will likely lead to more damage. Both mental health conditions and addiction are chronic and often progressive. Early intervention can help adolescences and their families live out the futures they deserve. Contact us today to find a Vertava Health treatment center for young adults near you or to talk with our care team about other treatment options.