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Vertava Health Co Occuring Disorders InteriorAddiction is often far more than just a chemical dependency. In many cases, substance use is also tied to mental health, and moving past addiction means addressing these issues. At Vertava Health, our addiction treatment centers offer treatment for co-occurring conditions to help people work through their mental health symptoms alongside their addiction. To learn more, call Vertava Health today at 844.470.0410.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders are when two or more conditions coexist and are connected with one leading to the onset of the other or making the other worse. Co-occurring disorders often refer to a substance use disorder and mental health condition. Common co-occurring disorders with substance use include depression, anxiety, PTSD, and eating disorders.

Often used interchangeably with co-occurring disorders, the term dual diagnosis refers to two separate diagnoses present at the same time. Dual diagnosis can describe any combination of physical, mental, or behavioral health disorders.

Co-occurring mental health conditions and substance use disorders affect nearly 8.9 million Americans each year.

Signs of a Dual Diagnosis

Signs of someone struggling with both a mental disorder and a drug or alcohol problem may mirror those of someone who is struggling with just one. Be on the lookout for symptoms such as:

Therapeutic Options at Vertava Health

Sometimes the mental problem occurs first. This can lead people to use alcohol or drugs that make them feel better temporarily. Sometimes the substance use occurs first. Over time, that can lead to emotional and mental problems. Either way, someone experiencing a substance use addiction along with a co-occurring mental disorder must be treated for both conditions. For the treatment to be effective, the person needs to stop using alcohol or drugs. Treatment may include a combination of behavioral therapy, medicines, and support groups to address and correct mental health issues that lead to or continue the cycle of substance use.

Without treatment and therapy, you may have a higher chance of relapse because the problems of addiction are not properly addressed.

Vertava Health is equipped to manage both dual diagnosis and dual therapy. We have a talented, caring staff poised to assess the client and place him or her on the treatment path that best suits them for success.

You can get help for co-occurring disorders. There is a dual diagnosis treatment that works. Vertava Health has a program for you that will work.

Seek Treatment at Vertava Health

At Vertava Health, we are committed to helping each person in our treatment program find the care and support our clients need to overcome mental health conditions and addictions. With the help of our co-occurring disorder treatment center, you can learn to manage your mental health concerns and put an end to their substance use. In addition to our dual diagnosis treatment options, we offer a range of treatment programs that support every clients’ long-term recovery, including:

Please don’t attempt to control your substance use and mental health concern on your own. For more information about the treatment options available, please contact Vertava Health today by calling 844.470.0410 or using our convenient contact form.