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EAP Rehab Insurance Coverage

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An employee assistance program (EAP) is a program provided that an employer provides to assist employees. This program can help those who need short-term counseling, substance use disorder treatment, and other types of mental health support. Vertava Health is in-network with EAP insurance and can help you understand how your EAP rehab insurance coverage works. Call Vertava Health today for a comprehensive list of all the insurances we accept at 844.470.0410.

How Does EAP Insurance Work?health forms make people think of EAP rehab insurance coverage

Some people are hesitant to get the treatment they need because they are worried about repercussions at work. EAPs protect employees’ privacy while helping them find appropriate treatment. Employees can seek confidential assistance for work-related or personal issues. 

Not all companies have an employee assistance program, but if yours does, you can contact an EAP counselor for a referral to Vertava Health. After explaining your concerns to an EAP counselor, the counselor may offer several solutions, including a referral to an accredited treatment center.

EAP insurance is not traditional insurance. It is a free service from your employer. If your EAP counselor determines that you need further treatment, you may need to use your health insurance or private funds to pay for that treatment. 

Vertava Health is in-network with several major insurance providers. We also offer in-house loans, payment plans, and sliding scale fees for those who qualify. At Vertava Health, we believe concerns about finances should never stand in the way of receiving vital mental health services.

Some of the advantages of an employee assistance program include:

  • A mental health professional will help you determine the best path at no cost
  • Assessments and counseling from an EAP counselor are confidential
  • Family members may be eligible for some EAP services
  • An objective third-party will listen to and provide input on your concerns

EAPs were first instituted to protect employees’ privacy, especially in the case of alcohol or substance use disorders. Today, EAPs are required in federal and legislative organizations. 

Many private-sector industries also provide employee assistance programs. You most likely have access to an EAP if you are part of a large corporation, such as Amazon or Walmart.

The Benefits of Using an EAP for Addiction Treatment

Being in-network with an EAP means that Vertava Health is one of the rehab facilities your EAP counselor can refer you to. Every company has its own policies, but most offer the following services for people who need addiction treatment:

  • Recommendations for substance or alcohol use disorder therapy
  • Treatment services, such as detox, inpatient care, outpatient services, co-occurring disorders treatment, and more
  • Legal counsel if needed
  • Training assistance and education

If you or your married or unmarried partner has EAP rehab coverage, you may be eligible for these benefits.

Are EAP Services Really Confidential?

You may have been referred to your company’s EAP counselor because of drug or alcohol use on the job or because your behavior has threatened others. In such cases, confidentiality rules about your participation may not apply. However, the information you share with an EAP representative remains private unless you give written consent to share that information.

Following your EAP’s recommendations is typically voluntary. However, it could be mandatory depending on your behavior in the workplace. All personal information, assessments, evaluations, and medical testing performed at Vertava Health are confidential under HIPAA regulations.  

Learn More About EAP Rehab Insurance Coverage at Vertava Health

Vertava Health is proud to be in-network with EAP insurance and many other major insurance providers. If you’re concerned about financing your rehab treatment, let us help. Our friendly team can verify your insurance coverage and confirm what your policy will pay for. Call Vertava Health today at 844.470.0410 for more information.