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Addiction Therapy Programs

Live Out Your Best Future

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At Vertava Health, we believe in treating the whole patient to help them heal their mind, body, and spirit. A large and important part of this treatment approach includes individual counseling and therapy sessions. For more information about our addiction therapy programs, contact Vertava Health today at 844.470.0410.

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

Vertava Health Addiction Therapy Programs InteriorIndividual counseling promotes self-discovery and facilitates healing.

Patients will regularly work with our mental health and substance use counselors or therapists in timeslots that are generally one hour long. These individual counseling sessions give patients the opportunity to explore their conditions, identify problematic thoughts or behavior, and learn how to heal and grow.

Our counseling centers use a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities to aid the patient in this healing process. Because some techniques may be more effective than others depending on the patient and their progress, our counselors will alter treatment as needed and use additional programming when necessary.

Why Are Addiction Therapy Programs Necessary?

Individual substance use counseling sessions help patients explore their condition as well as learn to live without drugs or alcohol. Patients will work with a substance use counselor or licensed therapist in sessions that generally last about an hour. These sessions may take place several times a week, depending on the patient’s treatment plan. Typically, patients will work with the same drug rehab counselor or therapist throughout their program to build trust and rapport.

Working with the patient’s care team, our experienced addiction counselors will help determine the most effective counseling methods for their patients. It will also focus on specific issues in treatment that need to be addressed so the patient can achieve lasting recovery. The recovery counselor and patient can discover and nurture ways to build a drug-free life through a collaborative partnership.

Some general goals of addiction counseling include:

  • Helping a person understand the root causes of their addiction
  • Identifying and addressing mental health conditions
  • Improving a person’s mental and emotional health
  • Identifying harmful thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as teaching people how to replace them with more positive ones
  • Repairing relationships that were broken or damaged by addiction
  • Identifying and removing negative relationships from a person’s life
  • Identifying and removing triggers

Mental Health Counseling

Individual counseling is a critical part of care. Licensed mental health counselors and therapists can help patients manage their condition and improve their overall well-being. Individual mental health counseling can also provide focused attention to specific issues that may make the patient’s symptoms worse or hinder their treatment progress.

Patients will work with their mental health counselor or therapist to determine how frequently they meet. Typically these individual counseling sessions are an hour at a time and include a variety of counseling methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, and more depending on the location and the needs of the patient. Our mental house counselors and therapists will work with the patient’s care team to determine the most effective methods for the patient’s specific treatment needs.

While slightly different for each patient, mental health counseling generally focuses on:

  • Helping a person understand their condition
  • Identifying secondary problems created by the mental health condition
  • Teaching patients how to identify and change harmful thoughts and behaviors
  • Examining personal relationships and their impact on mental health
  • Identifying triggers and learning how to cope with them
  • Decreasing the frequency and severity of symptoms

Find Counseling at Vertava Health

Along with individual counseling services, our treatment plans also include group work with other patients battling similar struggles. Then, patients can build their community of support and understand that they are not alone. Couple and family sessions are also available as add-on programming for several treatment plans to help families progress forward and heal together. Because not everyone can come to our facilities for care, we also offer online counseling services and programming for more flexible treatment plans.

Counseling is just one of many services we offer at Vertava Health to help our patients live out their best futures. To learn more about our different programming and how we may be able to help you or a loved one, contact us today at 844.470.0410