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Addiction Treatment Programs

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people are grateful for addiction treatment programs with vertava healthAddiction is a complex disease that alters the brain, but if you or someone you know struggles with addiction, you understand it is more than just a chemical dependency. Addiction can take over a person’s life, and although it can cause a variety of problems for them and their loved ones, they cannot stop using drugs or alcohol.

At Vertava Health, our team recognizes that many people with substance use disorders will require the assistance of a team of experienced professionals to overcome addiction. That’s why we provide a wide range of addiction treatment programs to help people, and their loved ones find their way back from addiction and work toward building their best future. Learn more about our addiction treatment services and programs today by calling 844.470.0410 or completing our online contact form.

Signs Addiction Treatment Programs are Needed

Addiction can happen to anyone. What may start as recreational drug use, prescription drug misuse, or binge drinking, can quickly turn into an addiction. Often the first step to recovery is realizing that someone needs help.

Common signs of addiction and substance use include:

Taking drugs or drinking in larger amounts​
Taking drugs or drinking in larger amounts​
Developing a tolerance to the substance​
Continuing to use the substance even after experiencing adverse consequences​
Prioritizing drugs or alcohol and neglecting responsibilities or loved ones​
Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not using​

Although someone may be exhibiting all these signs of addiction, many people do not get alcohol or drug addiction treatment because they are in denial or afraid to come forward.

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Substance–Specific Addiction Treatment Plans

Prolonged substance use can be harmful to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health, but our Vertava Health team offers comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment to help people and their loved ones heal in all capacities.

Our drug rehab programs consist of a full continuum of care to help people at every stage of recovery, including:

Substance Abuse Evaluation

To ensure each person receives the most appropriate care, we provide a substance abuse evaluation. This is a critical part of determining the best level of treatment and creating an individualized recovery plan.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

Detox helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms or cravings as people move through their healing journey. The detoxification process can take several days to complete, which is necessary for substance use recovery.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Residential or inpatient care provides a safe, supportive environment to help people focus on their overall health and well-being while they heal from addiction. During this time, we provide evidence-based therapies and activities that support their healing process.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines medication with behavioral treatments to treat opioid, alcohol, or other substance use disorders.

After getting to know you and gaining a better understanding of your needs, our Vertava Health team will help you decide which program is right for you or your loved one.

Our substance use treatment centers are designed to help people achieve lasting recovery from addiction. Under the supervision of licensed addiction specialists, patients will work in group and individual settings to address the root causes of their addiction and connect with the recovery community. Ancillary services such as family therapy sessions, case management support, and alternative programming are also used to help patients heal.

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Substance–Specific Addiction Treatment Plans

At Vertava Health, we understand that everyone is unique, and recovery from addiction will be different. To help patients find lasting success, we tailor treatment to each patient’s specific needs and addiction recovery goals.

Because many people who struggle with this disease have a substance of choice, we create treatment plans that address common problems that people abusing a specific substance face while also addressing needs unique to the individual.

We provide substance-specific treatment plans for addiction to:
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We aim to help everyone find the path to recovery and learn how to regain control of their lives. Our experienced team is here for every step of your journey.

Programs That Reflect and Flow With Your Life

We offer a variety of programs to reflect the schedules and lifestyles of all our patients. In addition to traditional inpatient and outpatient services, we also provide partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient services, and virtual therapy programs:

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHPs provide more intensive treatment in a structured environment while allowing patients to remain at home during non-treatment hours.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

IOPs offer group therapy that meets multiple times a week, typically three hours per day, and works in concert with ongoing individual care.

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Telehealth Addiction Treatment Programs

Vertava Health’s virtual therapy program provides outpatient support while giving patients access to our clinicians from the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Program Aftercare and Rehab Alumni Program

We understand that recovery is a lifelong process. To ensure our patients receive continuous care and support, we offer comprehensive aftercare programs to help people stay on track with their sobriety journey. We also provide an alum program for those looking to build community and connection with other sober peers.

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No matter the level of care you or a loved one may need, we have an appropriate program with compassionate staff ready to help you recover.

Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction Treatment Program Interior 2It is common for addiction and mental health issues to coincide and even feed off each other. Sometimes a person is self-medicating mental health conditions with drug or alcohol use. Other times, long-term substance abuse can lead to the development of mental health conditions.

At Vertava Health, we understand the link between addiction and mental health.

To address the full range of individual needs, we provide dual diagnosis treatment to help people identify and work through underlying mental health issues that may be fueling their addiction.

Our trained staff will design an individualized plan to holistically treat both conditions simultaneously, giving you or your loved one the best chance at a successful recovery. Our dual diagnosis treatment center is just one of the many mental health treatment programs we offer.

Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to providing evidence-based care combined with compassionate support so people can find the inner strength and courage needed to break free from the chains of addiction and build their best future.

Gender-Specific Treatment

We separate our treatment programs by gender and other special populations because we understand that people may have different needs during the recovery process. Our specialized treatment programs provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals to focus on their healing journey.

Men's Rehab Center

At our men’s rehab center, we create a tailored recovery plan specifically designed around the unique needs of male patients. Our treatment incorporates evidence-based practices to address the underlying causes of addiction while teaching healthy coping skills and strategies for lifelong recovery.

Women's Rehab Center

Our women’s rehab center provides comprehensive care that addresses not only the physical and emotional aspects of addiction but also any traumas that may have contributed to substance abuse. Our women-only rehab offers a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to focus on their recovery without distractions.

Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women and Expecting Mothers

At Vertava Health, we have specialized addiction treatment programs for pregnant women and expecting mothers. Our compassionate team is experienced in providing comprehensive care to help make sure expecting moms receive the safe and effective treatment they need during their recovery journey.

Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center

Our adolescent addiction treatment centerprovides teenagers and young adults with age-appropriate care to help them gain control of their lives. Our programs focus on helping adolescents develop the skills they need to succeed in life while providing open lines of communication between parents and teens.

Career-Specific Treatment

Vertava Health offers career-treatment programs as we understand the unique stressors, mental health needs, and demands of certain careers.

Rehab Center For Professionals

Rehab Center for Professionals

Our programs for professionals consider the unique lifestyle and strenuous demands of those in specific careers, such as doctors, lawyers, pilots, engineers, etc. We provide a supportive setting to help individuals heal from addiction while continuing to fulfill their career ambitions.

Addiction Treatment For First Responders

Addiction Treatment for First Responders

Trauma and PTSD be common among first responders, leading them to self-medicate using drugs or alcohol. Our programs for first responders offer evidence-based therapies and activities designed to help them heal from their underlying mental health conditions while finding lasting recovery from addiction.
Veterans Rehab Center

Veterans Rehab Center

We also offer specialized programs for veterans struggling with addiction. Our rehab center for veterans provides a supportive environment that utilizes evidence-based therapies, activities, and support services to assist service members in their recovery journey.

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Marginalized and Faith-Based SubGroups

At Vertava Health, we understand the unique needs of marginalized and faith-based groups, so we offer specialized addiction treatment programs for them.

LGBT Addiction Treatment Center

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals in the LGBT community to heal from substance use disorders. Our evidence-based therapies are tailored to meet their specific needs so they can find lasting recovery from addiction.

Native American Substance Abuse Treatment Center

We offer specialized addiction treatment programs for Native Americans that consider individuals’ unique cultural and social needs. Our team works to ensure native people can find healing in a supportive environment with therapies designed to meet their specific needs.

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Centers

For individuals who desire to use their faith as part of the recovery process, we offer evidence-based faith-based addiction treatment programs. Our team provides spiritual guidance and support to help individuals find healing through a deeper connection with their values or beliefs.

Non-Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

At Vertava Health, we understand that not everyone has a spiritual faith. We provide non-faith-based addiction treatment programs to help individuals heal from addiction while still respecting their beliefs or worldviews.

Christian Drug Rehab Center

We provide faith-based treatments for those seeking to connect with their spirituality during recovery. Our Christian drug rehab centers use evidence-based therapies to help individuals gain control of their lives while deepening their faith and connection with God.

Catholic Rehab Center

We offer specialized treatment programs to help Catholic individuals heal from addiction while following their beliefs. Our Catholic rehab centers provide evidence-based therapies and spiritual guidance to help people find lasting recovery with faith-driven support.

No matter what kind of program you need, our experienced team is here to provide evidence-based therapies and activities designed specifically for each individual's needs. We are committed to helping people find

Explore the Addiction Treatment Programs at Vertava Health

Our Vertava Health team uses personalized care to ensure that our addiction treatment programs are as effective as possible. We believe recovery is possible for those ready to overcome their addiction in one of our many treatment programs. If you or someone you care about might benefit from our addiction treatment programs, contact our Vertava Health team today at 844.470.0410 or contact us online.