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Holistic and Alternative Treatment Programming & Services

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To help patients heal physically, mentally, and emotionally during treatment, we use measurement-based assessment tools to create treatment plans that are tailored to the patient’s unique needs and goals. These treatment plans include a wide range of programming, activities, and services depending on the level of care, the location, and the best interests of the patient.

Holistic Treatment Options at Vertava Health

Our focus is on evidence-based treatment modalities, but we do offer holistic treatment for drug addiction and mental health care to complement these programs. These alternative addiction treatments and mental health care programs are designed to treat the patient as a whole, enhance the treatment process, and help patients work toward a happier and healthier life.

While these holistic treatment programs are not as well researched or supported as other traditional methods of care, they have been increasing in popularity in more recent years and may be beneficial for some people.

The alternative treatment programs we offer depend largely on the level of care and the location. Patients who live onsite at one of our rehab facilities will participant in a variety of holistic addiction treatment programs in combination with their regularly scheduled therapy. These alternative rehab programs often incorporate outdoor activities on the surrounding grounds as well as indoor group programming.

In comparison, patients receiving outpatient care may participate in different holistic mental health care and substance use programming. These alternative treatment programs may be refined to fit into regular programming or be offered as a supplemental service.

Our holistic approach to mental health treatment and addiction care services include a variety of different activities and programs such as:

  • Nutrition Educationrestores necessary minerals and vitamins to the body as well as teaches patients about the role of a healthy diet in improving their overall well-being
  • Massage for Chronic Pain – helps patients manage chronic pain outside of medications
  • Adventure-Based Therapyalternative drug treatment programs that encourage patients to get active, get excited, and build various life skills
  •  Yoga & Meditation – improves patients’ self-awareness and overall well-being
  • Neurofeedbacka type of biofeedback that uses real-time data on brain waves to help patients alter their brain’s responses to decrease mental health symptoms
  • Aromatherapy – uses aromatics like essential oils or plant extracts to promote relaxation and decrease stress
  • Equine-Assisted Learninga recovery enhancement program where patients interact and care for horses that can help them develop a sense of purpose
  • Music Programming – alternative treatment practices that use music and music-related activities to promote free expression and communication
  • Art Programmingthe use of visual art media and visual art practices to promote expression and foster healing
  • Genetic Testing for Medications – testing to understand how a patient’s genetics may affect their response to medications and inform treatment decisions

Outside of directly treating a person’s condition, these alternative mental health services, and addiction programs may help some patients build life skills, boost their confidence, and improve their physical well-being. Like other forms of treatment, holistic programs are also not one-size-fits-all and not all these services will work for everyone. Many people will have to try various holistic approaches before finding the one that is best for them. When used in combination with evidence-based programming, patients can heal, grow, and build a solid foundation for long-term success.

To learn more about our different programs or to get started on your journey to holistic recovery and healing, contact us today.