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What To Expect During A Drug Rehab Center Intake Process

Entering into a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction can be scary. Not only is a person leaving behind the substances they have grown dependent on, but he or she is also about to embark on a new way of life. Being as prepared and knowledgeable as possible when entering treatment can help ease anxiety and set a person up for success. Before someone is admitted into a treatment program and begins receiving treatment, he or she will first go through an intake process. The intake process is a fundamental part of every rehab program and allows the treatment staff to better understand an individual’s unique needs and condition. The intake process is typically made up of several steps. These steps include the initial contact with the potential patient and comprehensive assessments of a person’s emotional, medical, and social needs.

Initial Contact

A person’s experience with the rehab facility begins when he or she or a family member contacts the center regarding treatment. This often happens either by calling the treatment facility or by visiting it. A liaison will often be assigned to each potential patient to ensure a steady point of contact when determining if the rehab facility is the right fit. The primary goals of the initial contact include:

  • Intervention — Some people don’t enter a rehab program by choice. Rather, due to emergency circumstances such as the risk of suicide or overdose, individuals are entered into a treatment program to prevent potentially fatal consequences. The initial contact with a rehab facility can help provide assistance and support throughout this process.
  • Eligibility — Not all treatment programs are right for a person. The initial contact with a rehab facility allows both potential patients and the center to determine if the program is the right fit.
  • Education — During the initial contact, the treatment center will provide education as to what a patient can expect throughout his or her stay at the facility.
  • Identify Specific Needs Of Patient — Each patient is unique and will have different needs throughout a program of recovery. During the initial contact, the liaison will work to identify the specific needs of the potential patient. These needs could include any medical disabilities that will require special attention and co-occurring disorders that will need to be addressed.
  • Insurance/Payment Information — The liaison will go over insurance coverage as well as other forms of payment that may be accepted at the treatment facility.

Additionally, an admission date will be scheduled during the initial contact with the treatment facility. When the patient arrives at the facility, he or she will begin the on-site intake process. [middle-callout]

Intake Assessment And Interviews

Before beginning treatment, each patient will go through an extensive intake process upon arriving at the rehab center. The goal of the intake process is to thoroughly assess the patient’s condition and determine the best plan of action for his or her treatment program. The intake process may include:

  • Initial Interview — During the initial intake interview, patients will be asked about their substance use and medical history. Detailed questions about education, work, family, and social life may also be asked. Any previous addiction treatment will also be discussed.
  • Physical And Medical Evaluation — In addition to a comprehensive medical history, many treatment centers will also perform extensive physical and medical examinations of each patient. This may include toxicology tests, physical exams, and the evaluation of potential withdrawal symptoms. Physical and medical evaluations are performed by medically trained personnel and are confidential.
  • Psychological Evaluation — In addition to medical and physical assessments, a person’s psychological state and needs are also evaluated. Individuals are screened for existing mental health conditions that may need to be addressed during treatment. A patient’s lifestyle, cultural background, and religious or spiritual beliefs will also be taken into consideration. All of these factors will be used when determining a treatment plan for a patient.
  • Paperwork — Extensive paperwork is often part of the intake process. Questionnaires and information regarding medical history, special needs, insurance, and other important information will be gathered during this time.

Every aspect of the intake process is important, as it allows the treatment facility to develop a customized plan for each patient. The information a patient provides during the intake process, the better able the treatment center is to cater to his or her unique needs and condition.

Treatment Facility Orientation

Once the comprehensive intake evaluation is complete, the treatment facility staff will help the new patient get oriented to the center. During this time, patients will be shown where they will reside during their stay and given a tour of the facility. Patients will also be given an outline of their customized treatment plan and go over what to expect throughout the duration of their stay. The rules of the facility will also be discussed at length as well as disciplinary actions that may be implemented if these rules are broken. Additionally, patients’ belongings will be searched to ensure that no substances or other potentially harmful items are taken into rehab. Many treatment centers have a list of prohibited items on their website, so checking ahead can prevent any surprises. [bottom-inline-cta]

Finding An Addiction Treatment Program That’s Right For You

It’s normal to feel anxious or hesitant when entering an addiction treatment program. Ensuring that a rehab facility is right for your needs and condition can help ease anxiety and assure you that you’re in the right place. Vertava Health has several treatment centers throughout the nation that provide tailored recovery plans for each patient that walks through our doors. To learn more about what you can expect during the intake process at a rehab facility, contact us today.