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Clinical Assessments

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Free Clinical Assessments And Insurance Verification

A person struggling with substance use addiction can be any place on the addiction spectrum.  A professional assessment can be made at the earliest signs of a developing addiction or well into a fully-developed addiction. Early warning signs of an addiction can halt the process of dependency, turning an individual away from harmful behaviors before they experience deep cravings. An assessment helps determines how much an addiction is present, and what kind of treatment is necessary to achieve successful recovery such as medical detoxification, residential treatment, or intensive outpatient care.

When You Call Our Specialists

In order to determine the correct treatment for you or your loved one we conduct free addiction and mental health assessments over the phone.  These assessments are important first steps toward treatment of and recovery from a life of drug and alcohol addiction.  Our treatment specialists are trained to effectively screen for substance use and use in patients.

Clinical assessments also help us recognize the rate of psychiatric and medical comorbidity, and how to screen patients for both.  Because each client is different, these appraisals help us evaluate a patient’s stage of addiction and recommend the best substance use treatment program tailored to the individual’s needs.

When You Go To Treatment

Our medical and mental health teams also perform an assessment upon arrival.  They use the data gleaned from the initial appraisal of a client’s treatment needs and conduct a more in depth interview wherein the client answers deeper questions regarding substance use, family history and current living situation.  Together, both assessments give our treatment campuses the criterion they need to ensure that the client is placed in the proper level of care for them. As a client continues addiction treatment, our campus teams monitor successes and setbacks weekly to make certain they are receiving the proper level of care.

Timeliness Is Absolutely Critical

Our clinical assessments and insurance verification’s are done quickly, confidentially and at no cost to the client by our professional addiction treatment specialists.  Within 1 hour you can know where you’re going be, how you’re going to get there and what substance use treatment program is going to set you free from the chains of addiction.

Our goal is get you better, today.