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15 To 50 Acres Of Open Space Where You Can Heal

Vertava Health are specialized addiction treatment centers that we have all across the country. Because we do not use a “one size fits all,” approach to addiction treatment, it is important that we reach far and wide for the very best drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities that believe in our philosophy – that in order to treat addiction for the long term – we must go beyond the typical 30 day program, employ an all-inclusive approach to treatment, and focus on the individual’s drug use along with any associated medical, psychological, and social problems

We own and operate our own Vertava Health and also maintain partner relationships with other outstanding treatment facilities around the country. This means that no matter what – anyone who calls – will be sent to the proper place for their specific addiction treatment needs.

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Vertava Health Goes Beyond Just Treating Addiction

Unlike many traditional treatment facilities that can come across as clinical and cold, our addiction campuses provide a warm, inviting environment complete with many different amenities and treatment solutions like residential, outpatient, sober living and detox. We believe that this type of campus environment, coupled with our long term recovery approaches are the key to true drug addiction rehab success.

We believe that in order to fully heal from the pain of addiction means that a person must participate wholly in a program. Our campuses are designed to meet the client on every front. Physically, mentally, spiritually, we even provide fun adventures for our clients. We know that a person struggling to heal from addiction needs to learn how to have fun again and find happiness so that he does not use drugs or alcohol again. Not only do we teach how to break free from drug and alcohol addiction at our campuses, but we also teach our clients how to enjoy life again and find pleasure in the every day.

Teaching Life Skills Means You Don’t Go Back To Your Old Life, You Learn How To Live The Life You Deserve.

Another essential part of our addiction campus program is our life skills training. We often see that addicts don’t only forget how to enjoy life, they often forget how to live it. Many come to us without having lived it well the first time around. Because of this, we have specific programs designed to re-acclimate the recovering addict back into a balanced, productive life.

Rather than treat a person for 30 days and move them along, our practical life skills programs recognize the need for basic training such as how to interview for a job, how to open a bank account and write a check, as well as basic rules for self-sufficiency and independence and educational support.

Our treatment network is growing every day which is the reason we can provide a wide diversification of care, unique addiction treatment programs and some of the best recovery success rates in the United States.

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