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Deciding to go to drug rehab is the first step toward recovery. Once you’ve committed to seeking help, you need to find an addiction treatment facility that fits your needs.

There is a big difference between drug rehab hospitals and centers, from amenities to treatment options and quality of care. Finding appropriate care for your situation is vital to success in recovery.

Drug Rehab Hospitals: What To Expect

A drug rehab hospital provides basic addiction treatment services, such as substance abuse education, counseling, and behavioral therapy.

They generally have a clinical feel and minimal amenities. These rehab programs may be a good option for individuals who are concerned about the cost of treatment and do not need specialized care.

Drug rehab hospitals may offer several levels of treatment and place people in an appropriate program after a personal assessment. Some hospitals have a step-down order of care, in which individuals enter lower levels as they progress in recovery.

Levels of care in drug rehab hospitals may include:

Hospital programs are often short-term, lasting 30 days to a few months. Some drug rehab hospitals offer detox before treatment or as a standalone program. Others offer residential programs that have a more sterile setting than residential care in a drug rehab center.

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Drug Rehab Centers: What To Expect

Drug rehab centers are not affiliated with a hospital and only offer addiction treatment. Some have clinical environments and provide comparable substance abuse services to a hospital program.

Others have a luxury, resort-like feel and offer a broad range of treatment options and amenities. A person is more likely to find specialized care and the latest treatment methods at a luxury drug rehab center.

There are many ways that drug rehab centers differ from drug rehab hospitals.

More Treatment Options

Specialized care, such as dual diagnosis treatment, can be difficult to find. Many drug rehab centers offer these unique services. Equine therapy, music lessons, and outdoor-based programs are a few treatment options found in centers that are not generally provided by hospitals.

Multiple Levels Of Care

Drug rehab centers may provide a single level of care, such as residential addiction treatment. Many of them, however, offer a full continuum of care.

Once someone completes a residential rehab program as part of the continuum, they enter an appropriate outpatient program to ease the transition out of treatment. Like a hospital, a rehab center may have several levels of outpatient care.

Many of them also offer aftercare services, which can range from substance abuse counseling to periodic check-ins from the rehab center.

Individualized Treatment Plans

The best rehab centers create individualized treatment plans that ensure each person receives the care they need for their unique experience with addiction. Many hospitals provide standardized rehab programs.

Customized addiction treatment is common at residential rehab centers, which are more costly but tend to provide higher quality care.

Longer Duration Of Treatment

If someone needs long-term addiction treatment, they are more likely to find it at a drug rehab center than a hospital. Long-term drug rehab may last six months to a year or more. These programs often have variable lengths that can be adjusted as treatment progresses.

Many people who suffer from addiction can benefit from long-term programs. Addiction takes time to heal and requires a whole-life change. It takes many people six months or more in treatment to overcome substance abuse and develop a healthier lifestyle.

More Amenities

Inpatient drug rehab centers often have a home-like feel. At Vertava Health facilities, recovering individuals stay in cozy bedrooms, eat fresh, nutritious meals, and have many opportunities for recreation during treatment.

Some alcohol and drug rehab centers have amenities like:

  • a pool
  • sports courts
  • a fitness center
  • massage services
  • spa treatments
  • a salon

Addiction treatment is an uncomfortable and difficult process. Amenities help a person feel as comfortable as possible so they can focus on recovery.

A Private, Natural Setting

Drug rehab centers are often set in a natural landscape. This setting allows the individual to engage with nature and reap the healing benefits of being outdoors.

Studies have shown that a natural environment reduces stress, which is a major trigger for substance abuse. A multifaceted treatment plan may include outdoor-based therapy, sports, and nature walks.

Since drug rehab hospitals are usually located within a city, nature may not be a significant aspect of treatment. For this same reason, rehab centers tend to have a more private environment where people can escape from everyday life.

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