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Can You Trust Reviews For Drug Rehabs?

Can You Trust Reviews For Drug Rehabs?

The internet is crowded with reviews for drug rehab centers, from Google to Facebook to websites dedicated to reviewing rehabs. The wealth of information can be as daunting as it is helpful. When you are seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, finding an appropriate rehab center for your needs is essential to your recovery. Reading about the experiences of others who have attended addiction treatment programs can help you narrow the search. However, you cannot always trust reviews for drug rehabs. They may give you an idea of which facilities are worth looking into further, but they should only be a starting point. Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re looking for quality addiction treatment.

Read Drug Rehab Reviews With An Open Mind

There are two types of reviews for drug rehabs: those from a third party and those written by a former client. Third-party reviews are written by a person who has not attended treatment at the rehab facility. They generally discuss certifications, location, amenities, and treatment options. While these are often well-researched, they do not give a first-hand account. Reviews from former clients talk about a person’s experience in a rehab program. This may include how well the program worked for them and how helpful or caring the staff members were. Learning about these things is a great way to see the inner workings of a rehab center and what sets it apart from other places. That said, some websites feature positive reviews for rehab centers that have paid for a place on their site. This may influence the opinions of the editorial staff that writes the reviews. Even an honest review by a former client is based on their own needs, which may differ from yours. A negative review may be written by someone who had misconceptions about what to expect in rehab. A person who writes a positive review may have found the rehab center to be a perfect fit for their situation, but that doesn’t mean it is the best place for you. Doing your own research should be part of the selection process, too. [inline_cta_four]

Visit The Drug Rehab Center’s Website

Reading about someone’s experience gives you an idea of the quality of care you can expect, but a better way to know if a facility is reputable is to learn more about it directly. Of course, a rehab center’s website is unlikely to include negative aspects of their facility. But it should include certifications, photos, and details about what they offer.

Accreditations And Certifications

The Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) grant seals of approval to drug rehabs that meet certain standards. Both organizations require monitoring and constant improvement to ensure the highest quality of care. Some rehab centers also receive certification from LegitScript, which confirms that the information shared on their site is accurate and truthful. The website may also mention licenses and certifications earned by clinical staff members. Be wary of a rehab center that is run by people who are not trained in addiction treatment.

A Photo Gallery

Many drug rehab centers have a photo gallery on their websites, which gives you a clear picture of the facility, inside and out. Photos can help you determine if a treatment center has an environment that would make you feel comfortable. They can also reveal how much effort has been put into making the facility a safe and welcoming place for recovering individuals.

Addiction Treatment Options

Alcohol and drug rehab centers vary greatly in the number of treatment options they offer. The best programs use evidence-based methods and provide individualized care. When looking for a drug rehab center, be sure that they offer the types of treatment you need. For example, if you suffer from co-occurring disorders (addiction along with another mental disorder), you could benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. Choosing a facility that offers this may be your best chance at recovery. Other things to look for when researching addiction treatment options may be:

  • Program length: Some facilities only offer short-term (30 days or less) programs. Others offer variable-length long-term programs. Many people need more time to heal.
  • Continuum of care: Effective programs offer varying levels of care as a person progresses through treatment. Stepping down from an inpatient to outpatient program reduces the chance of relapse, as does aftercare.
  • Detox Services: Detox is necessary for some substances, such as alcohol and opioids. Rehab centers that provide detox allow individuals to smoothly transition into treatment.

Call A Rehab Center For More Information

The best way to get all your questions answered is to call the drug rehab center directly. Once you have determined a few treatment facilities that seem to fit your needs, give them a call. Treatment specialists should be on hand to answer specific questions about the facility and addiction treatment options. If it seems like a reputable drug rehab center that will provide the care you need, schedule a tour. Visiting the facility places you in the therapeutic environment so you can see firsthand if it is the right place for you. To learn more about drug rehab reviews or treatment at Vertava Health, please contact us today.