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Valentine’s Day — Loving Yourself And Others In Sobriety

Valentine’s Day — Loving Yourself And Others In Sobriety

The Importance Of Love On Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is sometimes marketed as a holiday only for lovers, you can celebrate all forms of love on this special day. Depending on your situation, your holiday may include a date with your significant other, a dinner with friends, or phone calls to family members who live across the country. For some people, Valentine’s Day may even be a day of focused self-care and rejuvenation. As someone in addiction recovery, you already understand the importance of love and its power to change your life. Without the love of people in your support system, overcoming your addiction may not have been possible.  Likewise, recovering from addiction requires you to love yourself enough to make important, lasting changes in your life. Whatever you plan to do with your Valentine’s Day, make sure that you’re celebrating the importance and value of love in your life.

Ideas For Celebrating Love In Sobriety

Because you are recovering from a substance use disorder, your Valentine’s Day may look a little different than it once did. For people in recovery, Valentine’s Day won’t include bottles of wine or other substances that may lead to a relapse.  However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the day without these experiences. If you’re planning a date with your significant other, for example, some ways to enjoy the day without compromising your sobriety include:

  • going to the movies
  • going out to dinner
  • planning a picnic
  • spending an intimate evening at home
  • taking a dinner cruise
  • visiting a local attraction, such as a museum or art gallery

However, you structure your date night, be sure to avoid situations that could be triggering for you. If you find yourself facing a trigger at any time, remove yourself from the situation and/or reach out to someone in your support system for help.

Reaching Out To Loved Ones

One of the best ways to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day is to reach out to the people who have supported you on your journey to sobriety. This holiday gives you the perfect chance to let these people know how influential they have been in your life. To express your love to those around you, consider sending cards or even small gifts to important people in your life before the actual holiday arrives.  You can also take the time to call these individuals or meet with them in person on Valentine’s Day to express how much they mean to you. [inline_cta_three]

Self-Care On Valentine’s Day

Whether you have big plans for Valentine’s Day or you hope for a calm day, it’s always important to practice self-care. For some people, especially those who are single, Valentine’s Day itself can be a trigger.  However, even if you don’t have a special someone in your life on this holiday, you can still make the day special and memorable.  Consider spending the day focused on activities that are just for you, such as a massage, a shopping trip, or a leisurely lunch with friends.  If you find the experience of being out on Valentine’s Day to be too triggering, spend the day relaxing at home instead. Call friends or family members to schedule a game night, or simply enjoy the evening on your own with a movie or a good book.

Making The Most Of The Holiday

Whatever your romantic situation, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate for anyone who has achieved sobriety. Love plays an important role in every journey to recovery, and taking an opportunity to honor this love is always worthwhile. As you prepare for Valentine’s Day, take the time to count your blessings. Being grateful for the positive things in your life not only improves your outlook, but it can even bring more blessings your way. Sources: The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine—Relapse Prevention and the Five Rules of Recovery