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Does Longer Inpatient Drug Rehab Increase Long-Term Recovery Success?

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Longer inpatient drug rehabilitation increases long-term recovery success. The single critical component to that success? Time. It allows an individual to address the underlying factors contributing to the addiction. If you or a loved one would like to know about the benefits of long-term rehab, contact Vertava Health at 844.470.0410 today. Our long-term inpatient rehab is here to help.

What Is Long-Term Rehab?

Long-term rehab is a type of treatment program that lasts for a period of time longer than the typical 28 to 30-day stay in an inpatient rehab facility. Generally, long-term rehab programs last anywhere from six to 12 months or even longer in some cases. During this time, patients receive intensive therapy, counseling and education about addiction recovery. The focus of long-term rehab is to provide the necessary tools for a successful transition into life after treatment and to reduce the chance of relapse.

Long-term rehab programs typically involve a combination of individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, 12-step meetings, recreational activities, and educational sessions. These programs provide a safe, supportive environment where patients can focus on recovery without the stress or triggers of everyday life. This structure also encourages patients to develop healthy habits and relationships that will serve them in the long run.

Benefits of Long-Term Rehab

Time is the most significant benefit of long-term drug rehabilitation. Someone overcoming an addiction to opioids, alcohol, and other highly addictive substances will go through a withdrawal period that can last days to weeks. At the same time, treatment professionals are attempting to identify and treat co-occurring disorders. An individual who has used drugs for a long time likely has suffered many physical consequences, including changes to diet and exercise that leave the person in a vulnerable state health-wise. The healing process requires time and attention to these changes as they unfold. In some cases, an individual is physically and mentally in a state to overcome the challenges associated with the post-treatment transition period and is able to achieve recovery, but in many cases, relapse may occur multiple times before recovery is achieved. A long-term residential or outpatient program can reduce relapse rates and help with a smoother transition from rehabilitation to recovery.

Benefits of long-term rehab  include:

  • Time for withdrawal period to pass
  • Time to assess and address co-occurring mental disorders
  • Time to address other underlying factors contributing to the addiction
  • Time to heal from the physical side effects of drug or alcohol use
  • Time to learn positive coping strategies to reduce the chance of relapse
  • Opportunity to learn and reinforce positive behaviors, habits
  • Smoother transition out of treatment and into recovery

Each person is different, and treatment should be personalized. Check with your doctor or an addiction specialist to see what may be right for you.

Who Benefits From Longer Inpatient Treatment?

Specific populations may benefit specifically from longer inpatient treatment than others. Those dealing with multiple addictions or polysubstance use might require more time to adjust. Others with co-occurring mental disorders need time to stabilize and can benefit from the consistency of care and environment afforded by more extended inpatient care. In other cases, someone may achieve recovery only to re-enter a toxic living environment that results in relapse. A longer inpatient drug rehab can provide a network of support and resources to help these individuals achieve stability in their lives as they begin to transition out of treatment. Individuals suffering from chronic pain or other medical conditions may also benefit from a more extended inpatient program.

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