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Safe COVID-19 Holiday Celebrations in Recovery

Safe COVID-19 Holiday Celebrations in Recovery

This 2020 holiday season, your normal holiday gatherings may not be an option. With coronavirus still a problem and some family members at risk, you should follow COVID-19 holiday safety precautions. Unfortunately, this may include not seeing your loved ones in-person. While the idea of not being able to see your family during the holidays can be depressing, for someone who just left residential addiction treatment, this could be problematic for their sobriety.

Celebrating the Holidays During Coronavirus & in Recovery

Those new to recovery or in intensive outpatient treatment may come to depend on the support of their family and friends in early sobriety. Their loved ones can be there for them as they navigate living in recovery and sometimes struggle to stay on track, but without the ability to see them in-person, staying sober over the holidays can be daunting. At Vertava Health, we are sharing some tips for finding support in recovery with safe and sober COVID-19 holiday celebrations.

Virtual Family Gatherings

Just because you may not be able to see your loved ones in-person, doesn’t mean you cannot still celebrate together. Virtual holiday gatherings are a great option to keep everyone connected and safe this 2020 holiday season. Some good virtual holiday celebrations in recovery with your family might be connecting for holiday meals, game nights, and your normal holiday traditions. Setting aside virtual family time can help you find family support when you may be feeling vulnerable in recovery.

Family Competitions

Some fun COVID-19 holiday celebrations in recovery could be a series of friendly-family competitions. See who can make the greatest light display, the prettiest gingerbread house, or the best Christmas tree. Send videos and pictures of your final project and let the family vote on the best one. The winning family member could even win a prize. These competitions allow you to follow coronavirus holiday safety precautions but still feel connected. Also in early recovery, many people struggle to fill the void that drugs and alcohol leave behind, but these competitions can keep you busy and give you a sense of purpose.

Cookie Exchange & Food Delivery

Because dining together in-person may not be an option, staying connected with family over the holidays amid coronavirus may involve sharing meals in a different way. You could spend time preparing some traditional family dishes and practicing contactless drop-off for loved ones in the area. If your family is more spread apart, consider sending cookies through the mail or even organizing a family cookie exchange. Cooking and baking can keep you occupied in recovery and prevent boredom which can be a relapse trigger.

Movie Nights

Another good sober holiday celebration during coronavirus may be to have a virtual movie night. Choose a holiday movie for everyone to watch and agree on a time to start. Disney+ even has a GroupWatch option that will synchronize your streams. You can connect before to talk about snacks or afterward to discuss the movie. Watching a movie alone can be depressing, but watching together even when you are apart can help you feel less alone during the holidays.   Although your holiday celebrations amidst COVID-19 may not be what you were hoping for, it doesn’t have to mean you cannot find joy and support this holiday season. These COVID-19 holiday celebrations in recovery can help you not only stay busy but also stay connected with loved ones. As providers of addiction treatment, we understand that regardless of coronavirus, the holidays can be a challenging time for people in recovery. If you or a loved one needs help after relapse or to get started in the recovery process, we are here. Contact us today.