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The Best Gifts for People in Recovery from Addiction

The Best Gifts for People in Recovery from Addiction

Finding the perfect gift for someone you care about isn’t always easy. Will they like it? Will they use it? Do they already have it? With so many questions that need answers, you could spend hours online shopping without making any real progress. Especially if you are looking for a gift for a recovering alcoholic or addict, finding something that they will love in their new life of sobriety can seem overwhelming.

Gift Ideas for Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics

Whether you are doing some Christmas shopping for your sibling who just finished a medical detox or looking for a birthday gift for a newly sober friend, finding the right present can mean a lot to someone you love. Especially if your loved one is new to recovery and your relationship has been a bit shaky, a thoughtful gift can show them you are here to support them in their journey. At Vertava Health, we are sharing a few of the best gift ideas for people in recovery.

Personalized Memento

Going through substance use treatment and getting sober is a big accomplishment that should be celebrated. Help your loved one commemorate this achievement with a personalized memento. This could be anything from an engraved piece of jewelry with their sobriety anniversary on it or a monogrammed recovery journal. This type of thoughtful gift for someone in recovery can let them know just how proud you are of them for getting sober.

Experience or Activity

One of the best gifts for recovering drug addicts or alcoholics is a fun experience or activity. They likely missed out on various experiences because they were prioritizing their addiction. This year, help them get those experiences back. This gift could be something they always wanted to do or a new activity for them to try. An adrenaline rush may help them find the high they have been missing. Trying a new activity could help find a hobby to fill the void drugs and alcohol left behind. Finally, a fun activity that you can do together could help strengthen your relationship.

Recovery Book

Especially if your loved one just left a long-term rehab and is still learning how to navigate life in recovery, they may be struggling. You likely do not always know what to say to help, but a book on recovery may have the words you are struggling to find. This book could have a lasting impact on your loved one.

Hobby Supplies or Gear

During treatment, your loved one may have embraced a new hobby. These activities are great for helping them stay busy and filling the void that drugs or alcohol may have left behind. A good present for a recovering addict may be something related to this new hobby. If they started doing yoga and meditation, get them some yoga gear or a meditation guide. If they participated in art activities for addiction during treatment and enjoyed it, get them the supplies they need to continue doing these activities at home. If they used music programming during treatment, get them lessons to learn a new instrument.


Getting sober is an emotional journey. A photo album, collage, or framed photo can all be sentimental gifts for people in recovery that can remind them that getting sober was worth it. Find photos that show your loved one at their best or everything they have accomplished since getting sober.   The right gift for a recovering addict or alcoholic doesn’t have to be a material item. Especially in early recovery, your support and time may be more important to them. Do your best to be there for them and help them with their recovery journey. If you have a loved one who still needs to get sober, do not wait to take action. Contact us today at Vertava Health to learn more about how we may be able to help.