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An Open Letter To Scott Stapp

An Open Letter To Scott Stapp

Dear Scott Stapp,

Over the past few months – we watched you. We watched your video in sadness. We observed your posts to social media with sorrow. We read the news stories, and marveled at how painful it must be for you. We heard the news about the separation from you wife, and our hearts weighed heavy. We walked through your public breakdown with you.

But, this week, we stood in awe of you.

We at Vertava Health commend you for your brave decision to open up about substance use, alcohol use and mental health. On behalf of the millions of people who struggle each day with addiction and behavioral health disorders, we know that it is not an easy road to walk.

As you know, living a life with an ever-present fear of not being able to reveal a certain part of yourself isn’t truly living. We thank you for accepting your illness for what it is, opening up completely, shedding the shame and embarrassment of mental health disorders, proving that treatment and therapy can truly heal – and speaking out as an advocate.

Your courageous interview has touched more lives than you could know. Your forthcoming about bipolar disorder and dual-diagnosis allows others to see a shimmering light can appear, even in the darkness. You have proven that your lowest point wasn’t the end of your story – but instead, the beginning.

We also applaud your valiant wife, Jacyln, for her support and loyalty for the man she loves. We know your diagnosis means you will face new challenges as a couple, but it also means an opportunity to show that those dealing with mental health disorders can lead normal lives with healthy relationships.

Thank you both for chipping away at the stigma of bipolar disorder and substance use. We commend you for seeking help through treatment, and hope for healing for your family.


Julie Eisenbeck

Brittany Patterson

Brian Sullivan

Erin Dineen

The Marketing Team at Vertava Health