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Addiction Treatment In Gainesville, Florida

All alcohol and drug rehab programs determine how they approach treatment, the services they offer, and all other aspects of their programming.

For this reason, it’s important for every patient to investigate different programs in the area thoroughly before selecting one. Although every program has its own advantages, Vertava Health offers a wide range of programming in four states.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

The first step in the process of addiction recovery is detox. During detox, you’re likely to experience cravings and uncomfortable symptoms that make it hard to stop use.

However, by enrolling in a professional alcohol and drug detox program, you can make this process much easier. These programs offer medication and other forms of medical support to keep you safe and comfortable.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient or residential programs offer 24-hour support and supervision for patients. In this type of program, you can get away from all of the stresses of the outside world and focus all of your energy on your recovery efforts.

Inpatient programs offer a variety of services, including individual counseling, group therapy, skill-building courses, alternative therapies, and other activities. Inpatient programs also include peer interactions as a key part of the recovery process.

Outpatient Treatment

If you cannot feasibly enroll in an inpatient program, or if you have already completed inpatient treatment, you can opt for an outpatient treatment program.

Outpatient programs vary in intensity, with more intensive programs requiring upwards of nine hours in therapy each week. These programs also differ according to their cost and treatment approach, so be sure to research your options before making a choice.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

A medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program uses various medications to aid in the treatment of opioid or alcohol addiction.

These medications, which have been approved by the FDA, work by reducing the cravings you experience so you can enjoy a lower chance of relapse. Most MAT programs offer medication in combination with cognitive-behavioral therapy or other supportive services.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment programs vary according to their length. The shortest programs may last for only a few weeks or one month. Longer programs may last up to a year or more. Generally, success rates are higher with longer programs.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

Graduates of addiction treatment programs often experience cravings and triggers for months or even years after leaving treatment. Participating in aftercare and alumni services can reduce the chance of relapse by keeping you connected to the addiction recovery community.

How To Pay For Treatment

Paying for rehab can be a challenge in some cases. Fortunately, even if you’re finding it difficult to afford the services you need, alternative options are available.

Most patients pay their treatment bills using a combination of cash, credit, and private health insurance reimbursements. For patients who can’t pay everything they owe at once, many treatment facilities are also willing to offer payment plans that spread the obligation over time.

Substance Use Trends In Gainesville And Alachua County, Florida

The statistics above shed light on the seriousness of substance use in the Gainesville area. Facts collected from Alachua County include:

  • Alachua County, which contains Gainesville, reported 27 deaths due to opioid overdose in 2017.
  • The annual rate of drug-related deaths in this county was 10.1 per 100,000 residents.
  • More than 4.5 percent of this county’s population reports using pain relievers for non-medical purposes.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Vertava Health Mississippi

Gainesville residents can travel to Vertava Health Mississippi, which is located in Mississippi near the Tennessee border. Our facility offers all levels of care for both male and female patients.

We also offer specialized programming for patients with a dual diagnosis. Every program at our facility is customized. In addition to addiction treatment, we also provide medically supervised detox, interventions, and family support.

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