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What Should I Bring To Rehab?

What Should I Bring To Rehab?

What Should I Pack For Rehab?

Generally speaking, you are encouraged to bring the following items with you when you go to rehab. Seasonal Clothes: Most rehab centers recommend packing enough clothes for a seven to 10-day vacation. Keep in mind that temperatures fluctuate from day to night, and it’s a good idea to pack clothes that are easy to layer. Make sure to pack an appropriate outfit to sleep in, too. Since working out is an excellent addiction recovery tool, many rehab facilities will have the option to exercise regularly. Pack gym clothes and sneakers for outdoor activities or time spent exercising. Also, keep in mind the location of the rehab facility and time of year that you are going. If there is going to be snow or rain, pack a pair of shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Feel free to bring your everyday jewelry pieces with you. You should feel comfortable with what you’re in, and for many people, this includes their jewelry. However, it is recommended that valuable pieces stay at home. [inline_cta_one] Toiletries: You should bring your own personal hygiene items with you to rehab. Keep in mind that many facilities will ask that you bring these items new or unopened. Your toiletries should include things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, basic makeup, hairbrush, and hairdryer- if necessary. I think bringing reading materials like those rotation oscillation toothbrush reviews to read while you are there might kill the time. The items that you bring will need to last you for at least 30 days. Identification and insurance card: A treatment facility will need to identify you upon your arrival. Due to this, it’s important to bring your driver’s license or some form of personal identification. Additionally, your rehab facility will need a copy of your insurance card (if applicable) for their record, so remember to bring your card with you. Medications: You are allowed to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications while in rehab. In order to ensure that the prescriptions are authentic and taken as prescribed, you must bring them in a pill bottle with the original label. It’s also helpful for the clinical team to have a list of medications you were previously on. List of important phone numbers: When a loved one goes to treatment, it can be stressful and scary for their family. Treatment centers will want a way to get in contact with the most important people in your life so they can keep them informed throughout the treatment process. Books and a journal: While your days in rehab will be filled with group time, therapy sessions and more, there will still be some downtime throughout the process. It’s recommended that you bring something to read and a journal with you to occupy your spare time. Both activities have been shown to help manage stress, reduce anxiety and cope with depression. [middle-callout]

What Can I Not Bring To Rehab?

When packing for rehab, here is a list of the things you should leave behind.

  • Drugs or alcohol: It might seem self-explanatory, but some clients may try to sneak in a last minute fix. However, your belongings will be searched before entering rehab.
  • Weapons: Any objects that could be viewed as dangerous will not be allowed in treatment. If you do bring them, they will be confiscated during your bag search.
  • Drug or alcohol paraphernalia: This includes anything that advertises or glorifies using drugs or alcohol.
  • Toiletries that contain alcohol: Leave any alcohol-based products at home, such as certain mouthwashes, nail polish remover, perfumes and aerosols.
  • Food and drinks: Outside snacks and beverages will not be allowed in rehab.
  • Expensive jewelry or large sums of cash: Since most things will be provided for you, bringing large amounts of money to rehab isn’t necessary and could get easily get lost during travel. Likewise, expensive or sentimental jewelry pieces are safer at home.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes In Rehab?

If you smoke, most rehab facilities will allow you to bring cigarettes with you. While smoking rules will vary based on where the treatment center is located, complete smoking bans in rehab facilities are rare. One study found that only about one in 10 drug rehab centers that participated banned smoking on their premises completely. If your treatment center allows cigarettes and you do bring them to rehab, make sure that the package you bring is unopened and that you pack enough to last the duration of your stay.

Can I Bring My Cell Phone To Rehab?

Since over 90 percent of adults in America report having a smartphone, this has become an increasingly common question. While some rehab facilities allow the use of cellphones, others have banned them altogether. Others fall somewhere in the middle and allow the use of cell phones for certain activities. Treatment centers that allow personal cell phone use emphasize the importance of contact with friends and family throughout rehab. On the other hand, facilities that don’t allow cell phone use do so in order to keep their clients focused on their recovery and free of distractions from outside influences. If bringing your cell phone to rehab is crucial to you, rest assured that there are treatment centers that allow clients to use their phones. Additionally, make sure you clarify the cell phone policy with your treatment center before arriving on site so there are no surprises.

Can I Bring My Pet To Rehab?

Pets provide unconditional love and support without judgment or expectations. For this reason and many more, it’s understandable that people find the presence of their pet comforting and want to bring a pet with them to rehab. Unfortunately, finding treatment centers that accept clients and their furry companions can be difficult. The majority of rehabs have no-pet policies, and for legitimate reasons including licensing issues, potential liabilities and sensitivities to other clients’ allergies. Clarify the pet policy with your treatment center before arrival and make other housing arrangements for your pet before leaving for rehab that doesn’t allow animals. While your pet may not understand why you’re leaving for a few weeks, remember that you’re getting sober in order to build a better life for you and your animal companion. Packing for rehab back be tricky when you’re not sure what you’re allowed to bring. While most treatment centers will provide clients with a list of approved items, don’t be scared to ask questions and seek clarification on what you’re allowed to have with you in rehab.