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This Christmas, Give Your Addicted Loved One The Gift of Life

This Christmas, Give Your Addicted Loved One The Gift of Life

Lorelie Rozzano is a guest blogger for Vertava Health.

This Christmas, Give Your Addicted Loved One The Gift of Life.

Santa is on his way. He’s bringing toys for all the good boys and girls. Christmas is a magical time of year. At least that’s what we’re lead to believe.  Truthfully?  Santa is not bringing toys for all the good girls and boys. If you’re the child of an addicted parent, you might not even see Mommy or Daddy this holiday season. The holidays were especially hard on my children. I still cringe thinking about it. It was Christmas of ’96 and Santa didn’t bring them anything. The big morning arrived and there wasn’t one single present under the tree. That’s because I had pawned all the gifts and then used the money to go on a three-day drug binge. Unfortunately, my kids are not alone. When you struggle with substance use your drug of choice (DOC) comes first. First, before family, children and Christmas presents. Now, as I look at the presents under our tree, I am humbled, overjoyed and oh, so blessed. I love being clean and sober! I bought a giant teddy bear, two boxes of Lego Friends, a new dress, four pair of slippers, art supplies and the list goes on (and on). My family and I are lucky. I was able to get all the things on their Christmas wish list. But what happens when you can’t get those things? It’s not really that big a deal, right? After all, most children can probably live without a giant stuffed teddy bear. But when you love someone struggling with addiction your Christmas wish list isn’t one of the frivolities. It’s one of life or death. While others are making a list and checking it twice, you already know who’s naughty… Maybe naughty isn’t the right word. How about sick? Addiction in the family is always painful. But at this time year, it is brutal! We want our addicted loved one to proclaim… I’ll be home for Christmas! But unless you’re clean and sober, it’s not likely. The truth is, when you’re active in addiction you can’t guarantee the people you love anything. Not even, if you will be alive the next day. A few days ago I posted a question on my Facebook page.  If you could have one thing for Christmas what would it be? The response was overwhelming and heartbreaking. Karen says, no more drugs anywhere! Angie says, a life without worrying. Virginia says, to end world hunger. Dawn says, a clean and sober son. Linda says, for my daughter to be healed of addiction. Jean says, a clean grandson. Ruby says, for my daughter to be stable and free from addiction so she can raise her two kids. Sheila says, I just want my daughter to remain clean and sober. That would be the best gift of all. Kimberly says, an endless supply of money so I could open free treatment centers around the world. Kathy, a recovering addict says, to see my children. Stephanie says, a cure for addiction. Jodi says, to turn back time. I want to go back in time to when we were still a family. Before addiction destroyed us. Heather says, for my daughter to be home with her 4 children. She chose drugs over them and it breaks my heart. Kim says, for my daughter to see her 10-year-old daughter at Christmas. My granddaughter always asks for her Mommy. She is so sad. Robin says, for my husband to get clean. Angela says, I’d like the Jagged series and Gracie’s Secret under my tree. Tamara says, peace and calm. No more chaos. Sarah says, to see my brother healthy. Addiction has trapped him. Claudia says, that people realize addiction is a disease. Desiree says, that my kids rebuild a healthy relationship with their father. Theresa says, I want my son in treatment and to be working on his recovery. Gina says, I want my family together. It hasn’t happened since my son got addicted 5 years ago. Peg says, I want my son back. And I want the stress and fear gone from my life. Patti says, I want my daughter off heroin. Jeannie says, that both my daughters get clean from heroin. My heart and soul can’t take much more. Shona says, I want my 9-year-old granddaughter to see her Mom. She hasn’t seen her since she was 6 months old. Rosa says, both my kids struggle with addiction. I wish they would get clean. Stacy says, I wish my son would live the life I think he deserves. Pam says, I would love to talk with my son… Pam’s son lost his life to addiction. Cheri says, I want my son back… Cheri’s son lost his life to addiction. Staci says, I just want to hug him one more time… Staci’s son lost his life to addiction. Shelly says, I beg God for another chance… Shelly lost 3 children to addiction. Addiction devastates all in its path. When someone dies from overdose there is no going back. Reach out to the addicted person in your family. Tell them you love them and they need help. This year, give them the ultimate Christmas present – the gift of life. If they’re resistant and don’t want to go to treatment, get in their way. Bring in the professionals. They can guide you through the emotionally difficult times ahead. Recovery is always possible. All you have to do to get started is call the toll-free number below. If you or someone you know needs help, please call the confidential support line for assistance. 844-470-0410.