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Mother’s Day: Understanding The Impact Of Addiction And Recovery On Mothers

Mother’s Day: Understanding The Impact Of Addiction And Recovery On Mothers

For a mother with an addicted child, Mother’s Day can be a hard time of the year. Instead of cards or flowers, she may get a reminder of the struggle her child faces with drugs or alcohol. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show appreciation for your mother’s support and encouragement. She has stood by you through hard times and she loves you no matter what. Mother’s Day is a chance to show your love for her, and it can be a vital step toward recovery.

The Impact Of Addiction And Recovery On Mothers

When someone is suffering from addiction, they don’t always realize how it affects the people around them. Mothers can be especially impacted by a child’s addiction because of the bond she has with them. Even though she isn’t going through addiction herself, a mother may feel that she shares her son or daughter’s burden. She may blame herself for not protecting them from the effects of substance use. What most mothers want more than anything is to take away their child’s pain. They support their children and do their best to help them through the struggle. Even without thanks. When a child enters recovery, their mother is overjoyed that they are starting to heal from addiction. But she may also be worried about relapse and hurt by the way the child treated her while abusing drugs or alcohol. Many addicted individuals lie to or steal from their loved ones to hide their substance use or pay for drugs and alcohol. They may act like a different person. These actions break trust and put an emotional distance between a mother and a child. In recovery, a person rediscovers themselves and works to rebuild their support system. Recovery is a time to heal the whole family. Why not start with Mom? [middle-callout]

Rebuilding A Relationship With Mom

Mother’s Day can be the first step toward rebuilding a relationship with Mom. It’s a day to celebrate that she has always been there for you, even if she refused to enable your addiction. It’s a day to be the person you used to be and start regaining her trust. Whether you live at home or not, your mom can be one of the strongest members of your support system. She wants you to succeed in recovery, so she’s likely to be empathetic, nurturing, and willing to forgive. Support of family and friends is crucial to breaking free from addiction and achieving long-term recovery. Many drug and alcohol rehab programs offer family therapy, which focuses on mending the family as a unit. The brokenness that results from addiction can spread between loved ones, so healing together is essential. Family therapy deals with issues between family members that caused or were caused by a child’s substance use and addiction. It also teaches loved ones—like mothers—how to support their children in recovery, a process that extends long beyond a rehab program.

Loving Mom On Mother’s Day

Simply spending time with Mom can make her feel special on Mother’s Day. Making her favorite meal or going with her to do something she loves can go a long way. Visitation rules at inpatient rehab centers may allow a mother to see her child on Mother’s Day. Individuals who aren’t in treatment or who are enrolled in outpatient care can make an effort to show Mom they care by setting aside time to focus on her.

Self-Care On Mother’s Day

Sometimes, moms get so caught up in worrying about others that they neglect to take care of themselves. Mother’s Day is a reminder to practice self-care all year long. A mother who loves herself can take better care of her loved ones. Self-care can take different forms. Some moms recharge by doing something they love or spending time with family. Others may find nourishment through support groups, such as Al-anon or Nar-anon, which bring together people with loved ones who use drugs or alcohol. These groups allow mothers to share insight with others who are struggling or healing with their own children. No matter how full her life is, a mother thinks about her children every day and wants the best for them. She deserves a day to celebrate all that she does and to be reminded of her children’s love for her.