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How Long is Residential Rehab?

Patient talks to doctor about residential rehab

The search for the right residential addiction treatment program brings up many questions. A quick look at a treatment center website often leaves patients wondering, “How long is residential rehab? How long is inpatient rehab? What’s the difference between the two?”

Treatment centers don’t always list the specific lengths of their treatment programs online, making finding information even more confusing.

Vertava Health offers short-term and long-term residential rehab and outpatient addiction treatment services. Call us today at 844.470.0410 to learn more about the programs available at Vertava Health. 

What Is Residential Rehab?

There are two main types of substance use treatment: inpatient and outpatient. In an outpatient program, a patient lives at home or in sober living and attends scheduled sessions at a treatment center. Inpatient rehab involves living full-time at a treatment center. 

Residential rehab, also called inpatient rehab, involves living at a treatment center for a certain length of time. 

With most inpatient programs, it’s typical for a patient to not be allowed to leave the treatment center unless they’re attending a scheduled outing under the supervision of rehab staff. 

How Long Is Inpatient Rehab?

If you’re considering rehab, your first question is likely, “How long is residential rehab?” The thought of leaving home to live at a treatment center can be daunting. 

However, most patients quickly discover that a good treatment center creates a healing atmosphere that makes the prospect of life in recovery both exciting and achievable.  

If you’re ready to try inpatient rehab, you’ll likely have two different residential options: standard residential care and long-term care. 

Standard Residential Rehab

The average residential treatment program is designed to last for around four weeks, or 28 days. Typically, that includes an initial three to five days of detox, with the remaining time spent participating in therapies that include: 

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential therapies

At Vertava Health, residential treatment patients can also participate in adventure and wilderness therapy, animal-assisted therapy, trauma therapy, and mindfulness and stress-reduction therapy. 

Long-Term Residential Rehab

Long-term residential rehab is similar to inpatient treatment but involves a stay longer than four weeks. Residential program lengths can vary greatly. Some last two months, and others last two years. 

Vertava Health’s long-term residential rehab is designed to last from six months to a year or longer. Typically, how long a patient remains in a long-term program depends on individual factors.

Some patients choose to enter long-term residential care as their initial treatment option. However, it’s more common for a long-term residential program to be recommended when a patient has already attended a standard inpatient program but struggled to maintain recovery once the program ended. 

Why Choose a Residential Rehab Program?

Residential rehab offers round-the-clock support and supervision, which is highly effective for helping patients gain time in recovery without the possibility of relapse. 

The first stage in substance use treatment is detox. The detox period typically involves undergoing the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Without inpatient care, successfully making it through detox is much more difficult. 

However, even after withdrawal symptoms abate, most individuals in early recovery struggle with overwhelming cravings for the substance they grew accustomed to using. 

Successful addiction recovery requires building new habits and learning the coping skills that help patients combat cravings and overcome triggers. Inpatient care is an effective way of building a strong recovery foundation. 

Ask About Residential Rehab Options at Vertava Health

One of the main reasons inpatient rehab is both popular and effective is because it offers patients the support and time they need to build the habits that can help make addiction recovery last. 

At Vertava Health, we offer both short-term and long-term residential rehab. Contact us at 844.470.0410 today for more information about the inpatient programs available at Vertava Health.