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Should You Choose Rehab Centers That Allow Cell Phones And Laptops?

You have decided to take that most important step – to seek help for an addiction problem. Next, there are certain questions that arise in choosing a treatment program, such as an inpatient’s access to a personal cell phone or laptop. To some, this concern may seem trivial, but to others, the use of these items might be a necessity. Business owners, or key personnel within a company, are often required to maintain regular interaction and make important decisions, at work, and also, while away. The selection of a rehab center that allows cell phones and/or laptops then becomes a more critical factor. In many treatment settings, cell phones are prohibited, as they are considered a distraction for a client’s success in treatment and recovery. This restriction, in many cases, is valid, because friends and associates of an addict, now a patient, can add negative influences, preventing the recovery process. In most centers, however, patients are allowed limited access to phones in order to keep in touch with family and loved ones. For professionals and business owners, unable to completely disconnect from their work, for 30 to 90 days at a time, there are executive rehab centers that make some exceptions. Also, among some treatment centers, offering cell phone and laptop use to clients is an additional amenity, available to everyone. Ask each treatment center directly, for their policy on laptop and cell phone accessibility, while in a recovery program. [inline_cta_two]

Why Patients May Need Access to Their Personal Cell Phones and the Internet

Ideally, it is best to focus exclusively on your personal recovery during inpatient treatment and recovery. This period can be filled with discomfort, both physically, and emotionally, revealing feelings that are confused and painful. Ultimately, these personal trials must be confronted and managed, as part of the recovery process. Often, addicts may look for distractions, or an escape to avoid this personal turmoil. It is a natural reaction and can be a costly one, which prevents them from getting ‘clean’ on their own, or staying clean, once outside of a rehab program. These distractions come in different forms and are readily available because of the ‘wired’ society in which we now live. Many people cannot fathom the idea of ‘cutting’ the wire and going without their gadgets. If this is your case, you may have trouble finding a center that will allow you to text, or post on Facebook, throughout the day, while in treatment. Likewise, if you have legitimate reasons to stay in touch with the outside world, many treatment programs accommodate this consideration as a part of recovery. More electronic accessibility started primarily as a way to keep business owners and professionals engaged in treatment, but it is now being offered as a perk for all clients because of its popularity. If these tools bring peace of mind and remain controlled and supplemental to the recovery program, there are rehab centers that accept this type of interaction.

Guidelines for Cell Phone and Laptop Use in Rehab

The guidelines for cell phone and internet use among treatment centers are varied, based on their specific guidelines as well as the overall experience. In some drug and alcohol treatment centers, you may have to have to pay extra for a private room in order to access these devices, while, in others, access may be available to all clients. Some centers may allow personal cell phone access ‘anytime’ and other centers may set designated times that you are allowed access. As a group, rehab programs do not allow the use of phones or computers in classes, or during group therapy. While these electronic gadgets may seem necessary, it is more important to focus on what brought you to rehab in the first place – a serious, life-threatening addiction. As the number of rehab centers that provide cell phone and laptop accessibility increases, you will want to select one that allows a purposeful use for these items, as a part of a complete treatment program – one that gives you the best chance of achieving and maintaining a drug-free life.