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Is Asking for Help with Addiction a Sign of Weakness?

That moment finally comes when you realize you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, and it’s frightening. You may be feeling guilt, shame, worthlessness, anxiety, and a whole host of other negative emotions. Thus, addiction is something that is best not faced alone, and you don’t have to. It is a big step to admit you have a problem with yourself, but an even bigger one is to tell others. Your friends and family, the people who know you best and care for you the most, are the hardest to tell. Admitting an addiction can be a painful process. Many times you don’t want to feel as if you’ve let them down or disappointed them. And yet they are the ones who can offer you the most support during your struggle.

The Realities Of Coming Clean

You may find it hard to confide in others, as addiction is a very personal matter. What you need to understand though is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It does not make you any less of a valued person in anyone’s eyes. Many addicts may feel as if they are laying a burden on their family members by exposing their addiction. They may struggle with feelings of being an encumbrance, but the support you need from your family doesn’t mean that you’re ultimately dependent on them. It is still up to you to seek treatment. What you have to realize is that by asking for help, you are starting your path to sobriety and beginning the process of canceling these negatives out of your life. It is only good that results from this action. Take into account that asking for help shows courage. By taking this step, you are willing to admit that you aren’t perfect and are struggling with a problem. This simply means that you are human; we all screw up, which puts you in pretty good company with the rest of mankind. By admitting your faults it not only shows bravery but a willingness to change. Finally, don’t let pride become an issue. You are not your addiction. There are plenty of things in your life that you can be proud of your family, your job, your skill sets. Don’t let your addiction destroy your self-confidence. Instead, understand that by asking for help, you are beginning a new journey towards a better you. [inline_cta_two]

Why Should I Tell Others?

Asking for help not only from friends and family but also from professionals is the first step you should take on your road to recovery. It means that you are serious about getting help. You might be wondering why you should choose to ask for help instead of going it alone. Those who share the journey towards sobriety with others are likely to have a better support system. The people behind you will be there to hold you up when you are struggling, give you an extra boost when you are feeling susceptible to giving in. Not only that, but they will hold you accountable for your decision, keep you from going back on your word to get clean. In summary, they are your fail-safe system. Loved ones offer support on the emotional side of things. Doctors, psychologists, and rehabilitation centers offer support on the treatment side of things. When you gather a team of people behind you whose mission it is to support you and see you through treatment, you can hardly lose. By getting your family on board with your wishes to live clean, they can help you with the next step in finding treatment. Whether you have a family to help back you or not, the next step is contacting us here at Vertava Health. We have the resources available to help you find treatment. We are a discreet service that assists you in identifying the treatment you need and answering any questions you have along the way. We are here to support your decision to get clean and value the choice you’ve made to better your life. Contact us today and jump start your path towards healing.