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Am I Addicted?

Are You Drinking Too Much?

No personal information is stored or shared when you complete the assessment, which takes just a few minutes of your time. Don’t delay completing this important step – or getting professional help if you have characteristics of a substance use disorder. Every day, an estimated 114 Americans die from drug overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control (53% of those deaths are related to prescription drugs). And an alarming one in 10 deaths among working-age adults (20-64 years old) is due to chronic heavy drinking and binge drinking, according to the CDC. While excessive drinking can lead to liver failure, heart disease, and breast cancer, binge drinking is associated with an increase in acute alcohol-related deaths (i.e., motor vehicle crashes, accidental falls, alcohol poisoning) and numerous health problems. If you are showing signs of addiction, know that effective treatment is available. We can help you find successful, evidence-based treatment and interventions to boost your health and help you achieve lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. As a free and confidential referral service, Vertava Health connects callers with respected addiction treatment centers nationwide (counselors are available 24/7). We also offer a wealth of support resources on drug and alcohol addictions, research-based treatment, relapse prevention, and recovery. [bottom-inline-cta]

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