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Common Myths About Drug Rehab Centers

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It Doesn’t Make A Difference Which Facility Or Program I Choose

Everyone is different and so are drug rehab centers and programs. So choosing the best center or program for your treatment isn’t a shot in the dark. While you consider your treatment options, it is important to assess what approach will benefit you, whether it be holistic, a 12-step, non-12-step, spa recovery, or wilderness rehab.

Take the time to research your options and familiarize yourself with the programs, while also asking vital questions to make sure you have the best information for making your decision. This will help narrow your options to the best solutions for your needs.

Choosing To Enter A Recovery Facility Is A Sign Of Weakness

This myth is so wrong that the opposite is actually true—guilt and denial are crippling cornerstones of addictions. On your own, it can be exceedingly hard to uproot these emotions and accept that you are deserving of help. It takes a great measure of strength to look at your life and bear witness to the ruinous results of your addiction, and take steps towards procuring assistance.

An Individual Must Wholeheartedly Desire To Be Within Rehab For It To Be Successful

Though this can be somewhat expeditious to the process, you must remember that the center’s counselors are adept at battling denial—they’ve been trained and educated on how to break through your resistance and impart the skills and hope you need to succeed. In fact, the recovery rates of individuals who seek help on their own are equivalent to those that are doing it at their family’s urging or court order.

You Must Be At Rock Bottom Before You Accept Treatment

While it is often the case that an individual finds themselves in dire straits before entering rehab, this is not a necessity. Studies show that the chance of an individual staying sober during their stay is increased by receiving earlier treatment. Additionally, the sooner you find help, the easier it will be for your body to recover from physical and emotional damage.

If I Suffer From A Mental Health Condition, I Must Treat That First

This is a potentially dangerous misconception, as drug or alcohol use can exasperate these conditions. Rehab facilities utilized trained medical professionals that are educated on treating your addiction and your mental health concerns. It is imperative that these two concerns are concurrently addressed, as they can feed each other in dangerous ways.

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Overcoming An Addiction Is Impossible

Overcoming an addiction is no small feat and, when done on your own, it can feel impossible. This is one reason why having the aid and support of trained professionals is so crucial to the success and proper development of a recovery plan.

Addiction is an illness that will be with you for life. However, this does not dictate that your use will be lifelong. Rehabilitation is a process and a journey, one that is a lifelong voyage.

If You Put Your Mind To It, You Can Overcome Your Dependency In A Short Time-Frame

Through determination and a positive outlook are both keys within the recovery process, addiction holds intense physical, physiological, and chemical dependencies. For these reasons, it takes a certain measure of time for the body and mind to detox, cleanses, and heal.

In fact, expecting results quickly can be very detrimental to your recovery. Patience is essential, along with the understanding that you must walk deliberately and wisely through recovery to achieve maximum success.

Studies show that patients that engage in a year-long treatment plan, beginning with a 60-90 day stay in a rehab center, are twice as likely to succeed in their treatment.

If I Take Time Off Work To Enter Rehab, I Won’t Have A Job Waiting For Me When I Return

The government has taken two legislative steps to ensure you can not only take time off work for rehab but have protection against losing your job. According to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, “The American with Disabilities Act provides limited protection from discrimination for recovering drug users and for alcoholics.”

In fact, since this act does not protect you from termination if you are currently using illegal substances, getting into rehab can actually save your job!

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) stipulates that an individual that suffers from substance use may take time off work to seek treatment without fear of repercussion from the employer. However, if the employer has outlined, in a concise and non-discriminatory way, that an employee may be terminated for substance use, they can do this, in spite of FMLA.

If You Suffer A Relapse, You’ll Be Right Back To Where You Started

Relapsing is a viable concern, but it is common during recovery. That doesn’t mean rehab has failed or that you have failed. Use a relapse as a test of the skills learned in rehab and also as a stepping stone towards life-long recovery. This is why treatment center rehab is so crucial—within your tenure at the clinic, you will learn valuable skills to recover from relapses.

And circumstances sometimes require multiple trips to a rehabilitation facility. It is pertinent to remember that recovering is an ongoing process and that you should constantly evaluate and modify your approach, as necessary.

Rehab Is Only For People That Are Financially Well Off

Though it is true that many rehabilitation facilities do cost a fair amount of money, that shouldn’t stop you from seeking one out. Today, especially with the advent of The Affordable Healthcare Act, rehab is more accessible than ever.

Many rehabs accept a variety of private insurance plans, while some accept Medicaid. Most offer financing options, sliding-fee scales, or monthly payment plans. Some non-profit entities even offer financial aid, free treatment, or payment assistance for those in dire straits.

Don’t Let These Myths Get In The Way Of Your Recovery

These misconceptions about substance use can become stumbling blocks on the path towards recovery. Please don’t let them prevent you from seeking the wellness you deserve. Contact us today at Vertava Health to inquire about the programs we offer to help you reclaim your life.