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Vertava Health is the go to treatment center for employers, licensed counselors, physicians, social workers, lawyers, court-appointed advocates, psychiatrists and other professionals across the country. They come to us because our addiction treatment programs are specifically designed to break the cycle of drug and alcohol rehab relapse for the long term. Who do we treat, exactly?

We Treat Your Client.

A client is someone who has either contacted you or is someone that you have been appointed to monitor, protect, guide, mentor and provide services for. In the legal sense this is a person who has gotten DUIs, failed a drug test, is out on parole or is still incarcerated, or has come through the legal system and is need of social services.

Whatever their situation if you have a client struggling with addiction you are in unique position to initiate change, to advocate for medical treatment over traditional sanctions and to refer individuals to appropriate help. Clients are more apt to discuss these drug and alcohol addiction issues with their court appointed advocates, social workers and lawyers because there is confidentiality in that relationship.

It is imperative that as the advocate for your client that you are aware of the treatment opportunities that are available to him or her.  The ability to demonstrate to the court that your client is taking the proper steps to address his/her addiction can have a significant impact on your client’s case.  It can mean getting their children back, less jail time or probation, getting back to work and can save their life.


Information for Defense Attorneys and Legal Professionals
Show the courts that your client is serious and willing to do what it takes to transform their lives

We Treat Your Patient.

A patient is someone who’s come through the emergency room repeatedly with new injuries, or someone who’s had a minor procedure but is repeatedly asking for more pain medication, a person who suffers from orthopedic problems and is interested in pain management or pain management clinics.  This person likely did not start out as a drug addict but you are noticing that he or she is exhibiting signs of one.

Their situations may vary but the outcome is the same.  Patients may discuss their addiction fears and challenges with their doctors because they are in a trusted environment and are hopeful a medical professional can and will provide help.

It’s essential that doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants and even doctor’s office operational staff have the information at the ready when a patient exhibits signs of addiction.  Knowing that there is a viable treatment option for your patients can and does mean the difference between life or death of a patient.

Addiction-Treatment_ERInformation for Emergency Room Physicians and Support Staff
Emergency rooms are not for drug detox.
We help get addicts out of the ER and into the treatment they need.

We Treat Your Employee.

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Companies every day are finding success by investing in the employees they have rather than supporting a revolving door of out with the old in the with the new.

Addiction in the workplace is nothing new – but what is new is that we now know that addiction is a medical disease that can be treated and cured.  Just as you would not fire an employee for having cancer, you shouldn’t fire an employee for the disease of addiction.  Whether they’re at the specialist level, the management level or the c-level – addiction can arise.

Vertava Health wants you to support and protect your most valuable asset by educating them on the disease but also by knowing where to go for the best addiction treatment in the country.  We provide education and also free toll free numbers for all of our company partners and we can provide the same for you.

Addiction-Treatment_HRInformation for Employers and Human Resources Professionals
Workplace Addiction Can Cost Companies Millions.
Help your employees help themselves.

Addiction-Treatment_EAPInformation for Employee Assistance Program Providers

Vertava Health’ drug and alcohol addiction treatment can supplement an EAPs program offerings.

We Treat Your Congregation Member.

Your congregation relies on you for guidance, support, biblical answers, education, counseling and fellowship.  The church can be a place of healing for people struggling with addiction. But it’s imperative that church leaders understand that drugs weaken the mind’s ability to think clearly, distinguish right from wrong, and exercise will power. Additionally, alcohol and opiates are highly physically addictive and affect the physiological make up of the body.

While the Bible says, “that the fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much,” prayer must be accompanied with treatment for their physical needs as well. Failure to follow through with a proper treatment plan in combination with prayer could cause withdrawal effects that lead to serious, life threatening complications.

Vertava Health has pastors on staff who are experts in biblical addiction recovery. These pastoral addiction specialists have the knowledge and experience you will need to help you guide your struggling church member to recovery, learn new habits and live life with a renewed sense of self and an appreciation for who God has created them to be.

Addiction-Treatment_ChurchInformation for Church Leaders and Congregations
Don’t let drug and alcohol addiction destroy your church family.
We can restore grace to the recovery process.

What Are Some Of The Signs Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction?

Aside from some of the more obvious signs like repeated DUIs or drug charges, failing drug tests or parole there are other signs your client/patient/employee could be suffering with the disease of addiction:

    • Worsening personal hygiene, being disheveled
    • Slurring speech
    • Defensiveness when confronted
    • Drowsiness
    • Being moody or irritable
    • Unexplained weight loss or weight gain
    • Spending time behind locked doors
    • An alteration in the quality of work
    • Asking for less work or special consideration much more than usual for unexplained reasons
    • Unexplained absences
    • Excuses that don’t add up
    • Not making necessary payments
    • Missing appointments

What Do We Provide This Client, Patient And Employee?

    • We have a comprehensive regimen of long term addiction treatment programs including everything from individual counseling, to dialectical behavior therapy to biblical addiction recovery to life skills education and training to reacclimation-to-life planning.
    • If your client, patient or employee is resistant to this help, we also have a network of intervention partners that are skilled in communication and persuasive conversation to get him or her the right treatment they need.
    • We can and do help people every day.  Use the chat box to reach out to our treatment specialists or call us at the support line.  We can tell you the questions you need to ask, we can tell you how to move forward to help and we can get your client, patient or employee on the road to recovery.
    • You’re concerned about the help they need, we’ve got the answer.  Call or chat today.

24 / 7 Benzo Addiction Support Hotline: 1-888-614-2251