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Vancleave, MS

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Addiction Treatment In Vancleave, MS

Experts see addiction as a disease that changes the structure of the brain. A capable treatment facility will understand that this means no two people experience it the same way.

When looking at treatment options, consider the type of program: inpatient or outpatient, how long the program lasts, and whether they do assessments. An assessment allows professionals to tailor the program to your needs.

Detox Programs Near Vancleave

Detoxification occurs after drug or alcohol use stops and withdrawal begins. It’s a time that can be dangerous and is uncomfortable as you experience the side effects that come with withdrawal.

Inpatient detox is a live-in option that provides 24-hour a day comfort care and medication. Outpatient services require you to travel to the facility for medical management and support.

Residential Treatment Near Vancleave

Inpatient or residential treatment puts you in live-in the facility during rehab. Residential care is for individuals who do not have a reliable support system or are at risk for substance use without supervision.

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Long-term residential care refers to inpatient programs that last longer than 90 days and are often set in a home-like environment. They are typically for those who have a history of relapse. The short-term plan is for individuals to get treatment for the first time.

Continued Care Treatment In Vancleave

Outpatient treatment tends to be the less expensive option but is not right for everyone. It allows you to travel to the facility for counseling but still live at home or off-campus in a sober living community.

The treatment plan will vary from program to program, but the therapy can be similar to residential treatment.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Aftercare and alumni programs come after you graduate from the primary treatment service. It’s a way to get support for your recovery and to limit the stress that could lead to relapse.

Aftercare may include specialized services like finding you sober-living housing, job training, and placement assistance. It can also consist of peer monitoring and support.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The amount of time someone spends in treatment depends on a number of factors such as the history of substance use, family and support network, living arrangements, and other co-occurring medical problems like bipolar disorder or depression.

Average treatment lengths include:

How To Pay For Treatment

The place to start is with your health insurance company. Policies purchased through the marketplace must offer some substance use treatment payment, although there is usually a copay or coinsurance fee.

Facilities may offer a payment program for families with no insurance, difficult out-of-pocket expenses, or with high deductibles. It is worth asking if they provide financial assistance.

Substance Use Trends In Vancleave And Jackson County, Mississippi

Vancleave and Jackson County see some of the highest levels of drug use in the state of Mississippi.

Consider some data from this area:

  • From 2011 to 2017, Jackson County had 183 drug deaths. That puts them in second place behind Harrison County.
  • Jackson Country saw 262.7 opioid-related hospitalizations from 2014 to 2017.

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Vertava Health Mississippi  located in Southaven, Mississippi, is over five hours from the city of Vancleave. We offer multi-level care for individuals with substance use disorder or mental illness.

Vertava Health  focuses on research-proven treatment methods, including medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone. Our facility is a cutting-edge medical treatment center.

In addition to MAT, Vertava Health  offers holistic care with services such as yoga, spiritual counseling, and a healthy diet. To learn more, contact us today.