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Oxford, MS

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Addiction Treatment In Oxford, MS

If you’re facing an addiction struggle, you’ll find a number of treatment options available to you in Oxford and the surrounding areas, allowing you to pick one that’s a good fit.

Whether you choose a holistic inpatient facility or an outpatient center that lets you get treatment close to home while continuing to work, getting started is the key to successfully getting rid of drugs and alcohol from your life.

Detox Programs Near Oxford

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment start with detox, the process of letting your body rid itself of the addictive substances.

This will cause painful withdrawal symptoms, including physical symptoms and intense cravings. In a detox program, you’ll have medical oversight and intervention to help with these symptoms so you can successfully detox and start your treatment journey.

Inpatient Treatment Near Oxford

The most intensive treatment option in Oxford and the surrounding area is residential or inpatient treatment. Here, you’ll live at the treatment facility and follow a structured schedule with many types of therapy woven in.

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You’ll participate in evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy while also having time to pursue adventure or experiential therapies like art therapy and nature therapy.

Inpatient addiction treatment programs vary in their focus and time frame. Many use a holistic approach, treating the body, mind, and spirit instead of only addressing addiction.

Outpatient Treatment In Oxford

If you need the flexibility and freedom to live at home during addiction treatment, outpatient care may be a good fit.

In an outpatient treatment program, you’ll need reliable transportation and a strong support network at home. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a type of outpatient treatment that meets for nine or more hours a week.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Even after treatment, you may find that you’re still battling your substance use struggles. Aftercare and alumni services help support you in the lifelong goal of staying sober.

With one of these programs, which may include peer support or 12-Step meetings, you’ll reinforce the sober-living skills you learned in treatment.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The length of time you stay in addiction treatment has a direct impact on its effectiveness. Programs in Oxford will vary and many personalize their length based on your unique needs and the impact of your addiction problem.

Choose from short-term programs that last a few weeks to long-term programs lasting a year or longer, knowing that 90 days or more is the most effective length.

How To Pay For Treatment

One of the hurdles many have to overcome as they seek treatment is the cost of drug rehab. The first place most turn for help is their health insurance, which covers most types of addiction treatment under behavioral health coverage.

With health insurance, you can get help paying for:

  • holistic treatment
  • residential rehab
  • outpatient therapy
  • detox
  • medication-assisted treatment

For co-pays and deductibles, or if you are uninsured, look to Medicare, fundraising opportunities, personal loans, and payment plans from the addiction treatment center.

Substance Use Trends In Oxford And Lafayette County, Mississippi

The town of Oxford is in Lafayette County, and every year people lose their lives due to addiction in these communities.

Consider some facts from Lafayette County:

  • In 2017, Lafayette County reported three suspected drug overdose deaths.
  • In that same year, EMS professionals administered naloxone 25 times.
  • The county reported 441 drug-related arrests in 2017.
  • That was a total of 8.2 arrests per 1,000 people in Lafayette County in 2017.


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Located just an hour away from Oxford, Vertava Health in Southaven, Mississippi, is an excellent residential treatment facility to consider.

Here, the staff takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment, combining evidence-based therapies with adventure and art therapies for a well-rounded, whole-person approach.

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