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Kosciusko, MS

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Addiction Treatment In Kosciusko, MS

It’s important to match the treatment interventions, settings, and care services with an individual’s needs to ensure a positive outcome.

The best programs address the associated social, vocational, medical, legal, and psychological issues of your addiction. The goal is to permanently support your long-term recovery.

Kosciusko Area Detox Programs

An effective detox program will support your mild-to-moderate withdrawal symptoms with medical and counseling support via inpatient and outpatient treatment options. These programs generally last three to ten days and prepare you for a treatment program.

Residential Treatment Near Kosciusko

The best inpatient treatment options in Kosciusko include clinical and therapeutic approaches to psychological and medical support.

Questions About Treatment?

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The major benefit of inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment is the 24-hour supervision with peer and professional interaction. You’ll also have access to a range of high-quality, dedicated services like recovery coaching or behavioral therapy.

Outpatient Treatment In Kosciusko

Outpatient treatment offers a more flexible schedule, which allows patients to maintain a regular home and work life while seeking drug and alcohol recovery.

It involves a level of freedom, so reliable support at home is important. Outpatient treatment typically involves regular check-in, which can mean travel for some patients. Intensive day treatment is also an option.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

Ongoing aftercare and alumni support services will vary depending on the program, but this care is essential for long-term recovery success. Targeted care and services include family-counseling and intervention, job support, and sober housing placement.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

Consistent and dedicated rehabilitation and detox are part of the care solutions that have been proven to ensure the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

The length of rehab may vary depending on the type of addiction treatment needed. A minimum of 90 days is typically recommended, but other programs may last under 30 days.

How To Pay For Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment is sometimes covered by insurance, but there can be out-of-pocket costs as well. Some recovery programs also accept Medicaid, or they offer opportunities to explore grants or funding solutions, crowdfunding, payment plans, and more.

Substance Use Trends In Kosciusko And Attala County, Mississippi

The stats on substance use and addiction in Mississippi are troubling.

Take a look at some local facts collected from Attala County:

  • There were 0 suspected overdose deaths in Attala County in 2017.
  • Naloxone was administered three times by emergency personnel in the county.
  • The county reported 57 drug-related arrests in 2017.

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At Vertava Health, we work with you on developing a path toward healing and recovery from the moment that you pick up the phone and call us.

We offer substance use assessment and treatment placement services that are specifically personalized to your needs and situation. It’s designed to change your life, and our entire treatment approach, as well as our professional focus, is to meet you where you are in recovery.

Our Mississippi location, Vertava Health, is located around two hours north of Kosciusko. If you’re interested in accessing services with us, reach out to Vertava Health today.