Addiction Treatment In Holly Springs, MS

While Mississippi has not been as badly affected by the opioid crisis as other states, that is likely due to the many sparsely-populated areas within the state.

In response to the sharp increase in accidental deaths from overdose, there are a number of treatment options available. These include medication-assisted treatment, outpatient treatment, 12-step programs, and more.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

The detoxification process is an important starting point in your recovery from substance use disorder. Choosing to go through detox under the supervision of trained medical staff ensures that you have access to the medical care and medications to help you manage withdrawal.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

A primary component of inpatient addiction treatment is that you live on-site and have access to resources 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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Known for being both innovative and compassionate, residential rehab is often noted for its compassionate staff, access to an extensive range of therapies, and focus on treating the whole person. This option is also best for addressing co-occurring mental health disorders.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment consists of a series of interactions with staff who are trained in addiction treatment. Some treatment centers offer these sessions in the morning and the evening in order to accommodate the schedules of busy adults.

Outpatient treatment is best if you have already completed residential rehab and if you have a solid support system at home.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is made up of two primary components: medications that have been approved to help address the symptoms of withdrawal and behavior modification using counseling or therapy.

Like some other treatment options, there are often facilities that provide a sliding fee scale when figuring your costs for care. In other cases, the medications used in MAT could be free or available at a sharply-reduced cost.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to address the struggles that you face during your recovery. Fortunately, more treatment centers are recognizing the importance of having alumni and aftercare services available.

There are also a number of community resources available including peer mentoring networks, 12-step programs, and more.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

It’s understandable that you want addiction treatment to be as short as possible. After all, you want to get better and be able to enjoy your life. However, the medical community has discovered that the longer that you stay in treatment, the better it is for your recovery.

This is why there is such a range of different time frames for treatment. While some programs can be as short as 30 days, there are some that can span a year or more.

How To Pay For Treatment

The ability to pay for treatment is often a stumbling block for those who are eager to change their lives. There is hope, though, because most health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, pay for treatment.

Private health insurance plans vary but many of them include coverage for substance use disorders. In addition, there are options for free and/or reduced treatment if you live in Mississippi. Payment plans are also offered by some facilities.

Substance Abuse Trends In Holly Springs, Mississippi

A $14 million grant was awarded to Stand Up Mississippi by SAMHSA. The agency is using the funds to put more naloxone in the hands of first responders, continue a medication-assisted treatment program, and other initiatives designed to curb addiction.

Some drug and alcohol use facts from Mississippi include:

  • In 2017, there were a total of 256 deaths from drug overdose across the state.
  • Of that number, about 74 percent can be traced to opioids.

The Nearest Vertava Health Treatment Center: Turning Point

Turning Point is a premier treatment center that offers you hope, support, and compassion as you overcome your struggles with substance use disorder. It’s located 45 minutes from Holly Springs.

Turning Point is known for its exceptional range of therapeutic options that are designed to meet your needs. These include pet therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), art therapy, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and more.

For information on admissions at Turning Point, contact us today.