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Grenada, MS

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Addiction Treatment In Grenada, Mississippi

Addiction treatment in Grenada, Grenada County, and Mississippi is available. Outpatient treatment options, as well as those ordered by the court system, are one way the state is attempting to address its growing death rate.

In and around Grenada, nearby treatment options include intensive and regular outpatient treatment, detox programs, 12-step programs, and more.

Detox Programs Near Grenada

Under the careful and compassionate supervision of highly trained medical staff, the side effects of withdrawal are treated when you enter a detox program.

A combination of medications, careful oversight, and constant support provides you with what you need to successfully detox. Once your system is completely free of any drugs and alcohol, the intake team will recommend the next steps for your recovery.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Near Grenada

When undergoing inpatient addiction treatment, you live on-campus for the duration of your program. This provides you with 24-hour supervision by the staff for ongoing support and management.

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Individualized attention, a balanced approach to recovery and life, and family support are just a few of the hallmarks of residential rehab. Because of the structure of inpatient treatment, there are usually numerous therapeutic approaches available.

Outpatient Treatment In Grenada

If you’re fortunate to have a strong and stable support system of family, friends, and other loved ones at home, then you might be a good candidate for outpatient treatment.

In order to participate in outpatient treatment, you need to attend every session at the treatment center. Reliable transportation is a must for your success.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

Ongoing support during your recovery is important for your continued success. The best treatment programs provide access to aftercare and/or alumni services.

Other options include community resources, 12-step programs, sober living housing, and similar support services. If your treatment facility doesn’t offer the services themselves, it’s possible that they’ll have recommendations for you.

Length Of Treatment Near Grenada

To increase your chances of a full recovery and to protect your health, the longer you’re in treatment, the better.

To meet the needs of its diverse clientele, there are a number of treatment options with various lengths of time for treatment. In some cases, treatment could last as little as 30 days while other programs can run for a year or even longer.

How To Pay For Treatment

One of the first things you might think about when you’re ready to get help is how you’re going to pay for treatment. Cost shouldn’t ever be something that holds you back from getting the treatment you need.

Most people pay for these services using their private health insurance. Paying out-of-pocket is also an option with some facilities offering payment plans.

Substance Use Trends In Grenada And Grenada County, Mississippi

Alcohol and drug use facts are limited in Grenada and Grenada County.

However, some facts from Mississippi highlight the local problem:

  • On average, almost every day one person died of a drug overdose in Mississippi in 2017.
  • Most of those (88 percent) were Caucasians.
  • During 2017, there were 346 drug overdose deaths.

Though the number of drug overdose deaths dropped slightly from 2016 to 2017, those involving amphetamines, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, heroin, and cocaine increased. Multiple drug use also increased in these deaths.

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A fully accredited drug and alcohol rehab program, Vertava Health MS, formerly Vertava Health Mississippi offers comprehensive and individualized treatment plans. A family support program, fitness center, and pet therapy are just a few of the amenities that make Vertava Health stand out from others.

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