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Cleveland, MS

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Addiction Treatment In Cleveland, MS

For residents of Cleveland who are ready to make a change and fight the disease of addiction, local treatment centers are the first place to look. Addiction treatment is highly personal in nature, and no two treatment centers follow the same philosophy.

Some focus on the needs of men or women specifically, some use experiential therapy alongside scientifically proven strategies, and others incorporate medications to address addiction alongside counseling.

Detox Programs Near Cleveland

Cleveland detox programs provide a safe place to get through the withdrawal process. Since this process creates intense and painful side effects, medical intervention is often necessary, and detox programs keep them close at hand.

Detox also ensures you are supervised while you go through the withdrawal process.

Inpatient Treatment Near Cleveland

If you need the structure and supervision that comes when you live at your treatment center, inpatient addiction treatment is the best option. Inpatient rehab centers have a structured daily schedule that incorporates multiple types of therapy.

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In addition to cognitive and behavioral therapies, you’ll likely find experiential therapy at a residential treatment center. Inpatient treatment centers can feel like a stay in a luxury resort, or they can be quite clinical in nature, depending on your needs and goals.

Outpatient Treatment In Cleveland

Cleveland’s outpatient treatment options allow you to continue living at home while in treatment. This means continuing to work, but driving to the addiction treatment center therapy or other recovery services.

You will need reliable transportation and strong support at home for this type of treatment to work well.

Aftercare & Alumni Services

Your battle against addiction will be life-long, so you’ll want a treatment center that supports you after you’re out of therapy. Aftercare programs provide this type of support, and the top treatment centers will offer this.

In an aftercare program, you’ll meet with peers or professionals regularly who will encourage you to stick with your sober living goals.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The longer you stay in your treatment program, the more long-lasting your results will be. While some treatment programs last just a couple of weeks, the most effective ones will last at least 90 days or more. Some long-term programs can span a year or longer.

How To Pay For Treatment

Your addiction treatment costs may be covered by your health insurance provider.

Some local insurance providers in the Cleveland area include:

  • Assurant Health
  • Celtic Health Insurance
  • Time Insurance Health Insurance
  • UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance

If you’re uninsured, consider taking out a loan or hosting a fundraiser to get help covering your treatment costs. Also, consider asking the treatment center about their payment plan options.

Substance Use Trends In Cleveland And Bolivar County, Mississippi

As a city in Bolivar County, Cleveland has seen its share of addiction-related struggles.

Some of the concerning numbers surrounding drug and alcohol use include:

  • In 2017, Bolivar County had two suspected opioid-related overdose deaths.
  • That year, 31 people were arrested for drug-related issues.

In addition to the deaths, naloxone was administered 43 times in the county that year, indicating additional overdoses that were not fatal.

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Vertava Health Mississippi offers a comfortable location for treatment that uses cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies as well as counseling to help patients.

Our residential treatment center in Southaven is just under two hours from Cleveland and provides each patient with a personalized treatment plan. It also offers care for co-occurring mental health disorders and a family support program.

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