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Will VA Benefits Cover Addiction Treatment?

Veteran in green shirt ponders if the VA benefits will cover addiction treatment for him

The unique stressors of military life, especially combat, contribute to the high rates of substance use disorder (SUD) among service people. SUD and mental health disorders are pervasive public health issues among veterans. But, will VA benefits cover addiction treatment? For those seeking help, finding a rehab center that accepts TRICARE is the first step.

At Vertava Health, we recognize the unique needs of military personnel, both active duty and veterans. Our veterans’ addiction treatment programs are customized to meet the specific challenges of this population. As a rehab center that accepts VA insurance, we are accustomed to working with Veterans Affairs to ensure veterans in our programs receive the treatment best suited to their individual needs. Call 844.470.0410 to get the help you deserve today.

Will VA Benefits Cover Addiction Treatment?

Will VA insurance pay for addiction treatment? Yes, your VA insurance benefits cover treatment for substance use disorder (SUD), mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders refer to simultaneously having SUD and a mental health disorder, which is common among veterans.

Once you have signed up for VA benefits, you must enroll in a healthcare plan and visit your VA healthcare provider. Being honest about your symptoms is essential to receiving a proper diagnosis and being referred for treatment.

Because VA treatment for SUD is in high demand, many VA treatment centers have long waiting lists. The VA can assist you in finding private treatment centers, such as Vertava Health, which offer veteran-specific treatment programs.

In addition to VA benefits, many active-duty service members and veterans have TRICARE. While TRICARE covers SUD and mental health treatment, coverage depends on variables, including the member’s specific type of plan and the treatment provider.

What Treatments May Be Covered by VA Insurance?

Understanding your benefits coverage can be confusing, especially in a crisis. If you are in immediate danger, VA insurance and TRICARE will cover treatment to stabilize your condition. Contacting your representative is the best way to understand your benefits fully. At Vertava Health, our intake specialists are experienced with this process and available to help.

VA benefits and TRICARE may cover the following if you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Substance use disorder (SUD) treatment
  • Mental health disorder treatment
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy

VA benefits and TRICARE are not the same. TRICARE is an insurance company explicitly serving U.S. military members and their families. While TRICARE provides coverage for all levels of addiction treatment, prior authorization is required.

Veterans Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health

At Vertava Health, we understand that the life experiences of military personnel differ tremendously from civilians. Being in treatment with other veterans makes it much easier to open up about challenges faced during service and following than with others who have not had shared experiences.

Each member of our veterans’ addiction treatment programs receives a treatment plan customized to their individual needs. Treatment is provided by a highly trained multidisciplinary team experienced in treating veteran-specific issues.

Transitioning back to civilian life is challenging, especially after experiencing life in a war zone or involvement in active combat. Finding healthy ways to cope with reintegration and service-related trauma can be difficult without professional interventions.

Commonly reported reasons for veterans to develop mental health or substance use disorders can include the following:

  • Repeated exposure to trauma
  • Separation from family, friends, and support systems
  • The role of alcohol in military life
  • Feelings of isolation or alienation
  • Chronic pain from injuries
  • Unemployment
  • Combat-related death of peers
  • Relationship issues
  • Feeling unable to reconnect to the civilian world

Many military service people develop a mistrust of civilians and a belief that no one can understand or treat them. Further, they struggle with emotional expression, in large part because of their training. At Vertava Health, we know that the best treatment outcomes occur with comprehensive, holistic treatment in a welcoming, supportive environment of peers and experienced staff.

Learn More About VA Benefits for Addiction Treatment at Vertava Health

Military life can include repeated exposure to high-stress situations and trauma, frequently resulting in developing mental health conditions like PTSD and substance use disorders. At Vertava Health, we understand the unique challenges of our nation’s active-duty and veteran military members. Our veterans’ addiction treatment programs have helped hundreds of veterans achieve recovery. Contact us at 844.470.0410 to learn more about VA benefits for addiction treatment and how we can help you.