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Pros And Cons Of Going To A Local Rehab Center

There are many factors that contribute to a successful recovery. Most licensed rehabilitation centers use evidence-based treatment strategies that can prove effective for anyone willingly entering treatment to achieve sobriety. For many, local rehab offers additional benefits over out-of-region options that include proximity to family, friends, and work. For others, getting far away from potential drug triggers might be part of an effective recovery strategy. When selecting the best rehabilitation program for you, consider the pros and cons to choosing a local rehab center.

Pros Of Local Rehab

Choosing a local rehab center is often more cost-effective than an out of region rehab center. Even if treatment rates are the same, the added cost of travel can be a limiting factor for the individual, as well as for friends and family. And while insurance may pick up the tab for treatment, travel expenses are not normally included. Many prefer local rehabs so they can remain close to their already established support network including family and friends. With more and more programs including family therapy sessions, travel can be hugely prohibitive to involvement on this level. We know that the most effective programs help not only the individual, but work through some of the dysfunction often rampant in families who suffer with addiction. If someone is seeking treatment, it is essential they have a solid support (not enabling or co-dependent) network to return home to. Additionally, local rehabilitation centers are already connected with invaluable area resources that can prove beneficial for the individual newly in recovery including a network of support groups, counselors, their sponsor, and work programs. In terms of long term care, local rehabs have a huge advantage as ongoing support is easily accessible and usually more affordable. Outpatient programs are also available and far easier to complete when near home or work. Likely the most important aspect of selecting a local rehab center over one at a distance is that you learn to cope effectively with issues that arise and with drug triggers better than if you seek rehabilitation farther from home. [inline_cta_two]

Cons Of Local Rehab Centers

Local rehab centers aren’t for everyone. For some, drug triggers, including people and surroundings, are too much to bear during their initial recovery period. Not everyone has access to a healthy network of family and friends. If your network of friends is made up of fellow users, it may be best to select a rehab option away from those who may attempt to sway you from sticking with the program. Safety can also be a factor. If an individual is entering treatment and leaving an abusive relationship, they may feel safer at a distance from an abusive situation. There are also fewer distractions with an out-of-area rehab program. Sometimes living nearer family, friends, and work means the issues that you must deal with day to day follow you and can become an added distraction for someone newly entering the recovery phase. If someone gets caught up in drama outside of their recovery, they may lose focus and quit the program. If the rehab center is local, it’s easier for someone to quit. A treatment program at a distance not only affords a person more time and space to dedicate to their recovery, it’s also harder to abandon the program mid-way through. For others who are concerned about how their treatment might impact their professional life, selecting a rehab center away from home may allow them to pursue recovery with an additional level of anonymity. Out of region rehabilitation programs offer a change of scenery and perspective and can be a good solution for some seeking help for their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of Local Rehab:

  • Cost effective
  • Resource savvy
  • Established support network
  • More family involvement
  • More long-term options
  • More outpatient options
  • Coping strategies

Downside of Local Rehabs:

  • Drug triggers
  • Limited options
  • Distractions
  • Anonymity
  • Safety
  • Easier to quit

Local Rehabilitation

Most people choose a local rehabilitation option because of the convenience of proximity to work and home, but a variety of other factors may contribute to a decision to remain close to home during their recovery. Whichever option someone chooses, ensuring they have a solid support network of individuals around them is essential, as well as ongoing treatment options including group and one-on-one counseling sessions.

Connect With Resources And Treatment Options

The decision to get help with an addiction to alcohol or drugs is not an easy one. You have just made a critical step forward in preserving the quality of your life and deserve the best in terms of care. Vertava Health can connect you with the resources, professional services, and treatment options to help you begin your journey into recovery. Contact us and discover a better life free from addiction.