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Lorelie Rozzano’s “Jagged Little Lies” Delivers Powerful Message, Emotion

Lorelie Rozzano’s “Jagged Little Lies” Delivers Powerful Message, Emotion

“Jagged Little Lies is a raw and revealing look at the pain of addiction and the impact on the individual and the family. Lorelie brings the reality of the challenges we all, in one way or another, experience in life through her writing that connects with the heart, mind and soul. She weaves a tapestry where readers see themselves and those they love in the pain…and a vision of hope for the future.”

– Dr. Jason Brooks, MS, NCC

If you or a loved one are wrapped in the throes of addiction, Lorelie Rozzano’s Jagged Little Lies will leave you saying, “This is my life.”

In her well-written novel, Rozzano captures a snapshot of four lives entrenched in various aspects of enabling and addiction. Through these four characters, who are meticulously tied together, the author captures the formidable struggles they endure: from a mother who refuses to admit that she and her son both struggle with a serious drug problem – to the son’s experience withdrawing from drugs in prison – to the son’s girlfriend who is obsessively codependent with her drug-addicted boyfriend – to a woman who formerly struggled with addiction who has made it her life’s purpose to help others. The carousel of characters travels through the insanity of addiction, codependency, and the toll they take on the entire family system.

Rozzano develops the characters in this book with harsh honesty – yet a sense of empathy for individuals and families who feel the pain of addiction. With each turn of the page, you’ll feel your heartstrings tugged with emotion from each character.

While we found Jagged Little Lies to be an emotional, raw read for anyone affected by addiction, we also agreed that Rozzano created a piece that was extremely resourceful and did an outstanding job establishing the reality and truths of addiction. With both a voice of compassion and expertise – Rozzano writes persuasively about a topic many authors stray from. Jagged Little Lies creates a clear message: addiction is a family disease that results in illness, tragedy, violence, and heartbreak. No matter how you’ve been touched by addiction, Jagged Little Lies takes you where you’re headed.

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