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Life Without Drugs: Natural Highs

Just as a drug’s disguised euphoria can seep its way into our minds and damage our lives, so too can it emerge in ways that raise our lives higher than they ever were. Getting high through drug use means taking an abundance of risks that more often than not end up destroying us as people. Every use of an illicit drug used a legal drug and alcoholic beverage has its consequences. It is, however, to be known that a life without drugs has fewer consequences and better highs. As we navigate through life, we subconsciously make note of that which makes us euphorically happy. The moments that drive us toward such excellent highs are the moments we attempt to recreate. It is the empty, quickly-expiring high that a drug can give that also pulls us from our moments we crave so ardently. Those highs are fleeting and useless. They are the highs that kill people and break apart families. It is because of this fact that it will always be in our best interest to remember that nobody ever lost their family because they painted a beautiful picture or flew a kite on a sunny day. [inline_cta_two]

Getting Through And Going Higher

Waving as you pass addiction by, your face alight with a well-deserved grin; this is the start to your better life. Though there will be times that you feel the natural lows that we all must feel, it is those lows that make the highs possible. If not for being able to feel fluctuations in our emotions, happiness would not feel so good. But it does. It does and existing beyond addiction means dealing with the negative, then leaving it behind as you climb a bit higher every day. Days of sadness, anger, and fear will come and go as they do for us all; you’ll know by now that the high of drugs will only make sadness into despair, anger into hatred, and fear into terror. It is the highs of life, real life, that we should all keep on reaching toward.

The True Highs Of Nature

  • Family: Above all else, there is the one true and constant presence in our lives that exists in the family. Near or distant, we know what it feels like to lose someone, and just as we know this feeling well, our family members know what it’s like to lose the US. Getting back the family vibe or forming new bonds that perhaps were never there, can keep us supported for the rest of our lives. Once the bridges are repaired and new ones built, the extraordinary feeling of love and deeply-rooted kinship provides a much greater feeling than that of a drug-induced high. Remember: It is the drug-induced high that damages the family. It is the natural high that keeps it together.
  • Love: Yes, love. Just as a family provides something of meaning and substance to our lives, finding love holds us up after the darkness of drug addiction clears. This is not to say that we should lean heavily on a mate for emotional support through our struggles, rather that we should hold tightly to what it feels like to be loved for our true selves. The amazing thing about leaving drugs behind and finding the person we want to spend forever with is that this bond can be the bond that keeps us wanting with all our souls to remain clean. The happiness, familiarity, chance to marry, own a home, have children, and share lasting, meaningful memories– these are dreams to strive toward and happily-ever-afters to warm us in a way that drugs never, ever can. Remember: Love may have been lost at some point in your struggle, but sober love is the greatest feeling of intoxication that you will ever know.
  • Pride: Having pride in oneself can be a driving force toward that elusive, euphoric happiness. Knowing that you’re able, willing, and HAPPY to never fall back into drug use and always be on the right side of the tracks is a reward unto itself. Once we find ourselves rightfully steeped in self-pride and able to display our devotion to sobriety to our loved ones, a new kind of pride will take form. This is the pride that others will have in us. It is the pride that will instill in our minds and hearts that what we have done in remaining faithful to sobriety is admirable. Family, friends, lovers, and even those who perhaps saw us at our very worst—such as doctors—will be the grantors of the pride we deserve. Former grievances will always need to be repaired, relationships may require some form of dormancy, but then it will happen… Those who you want to believe in you again WILL. And when they do, you’ll feel the flutter in your chest, the sigh in your lungs, and the strength in your bones. Remember: There is nothing about drug use that you or anyone else can be proud of. It’s time to stop shaming yourself and start earning your stars back.
  • Future: There is nothing wrong with taking your life one day at a time or even one moment at a time. There is, however, a bigger picture; one that should be hung with heavy gauge mounting screws on your wall to be gazed upon daily. That picture is what you see of your future. That which you will work toward through your day-by-days, your moment-by-moment, is what you want for yourself and for the ones around you who will share in your life. There is no harm in sitting down and thinking about what it is you want for your life and how you will get there. The journey toward your goals as you get closer to that house, the kids who will play and laugh in those bedrooms, or just the simple life with that dog and that beautiful backyard, will continue to lift you up every step of the way. Know what your goals are now—more than ever—absolutely attainable. The future you want is within eyeshot and, being of sober mind and body, can be yours. Remember: Life is longer than one day-especially now. Keep your days strong, but plan ahead so you can also keep your weeks, months, and years strong and sober too.
  • Past: The ultimate high going forward in life will be the past. Loved ones, moments of strength, and future plans will all give life purpose and bring joy to us that—by cause of our days of weakness—we have never truly known. But it is the recognition of our past and the acceptance that it IS over that sheds light on what could have been. While we know through therapy and rehabilitation that is not wise to dwell on negativity, we can also allow ourselves to find happiness in knowing that we have changed our lives for the better and forever. Looking back can help us see that without our new and sober lives, we would, without doubt, be far worse off in this world. Remember: Life was never meant to be easy, but being free from drugs will make your life the easiest it has ever been. Enjoy that happiness.

We’ll Help You While You Help You

Take a moment to look at your past. See in your mind what your life could have been if you would’ve even had a life at all after continuing down the rugged path you once followed. Take pride in your being sober; know that nothing comes before love, that your dreams are quickly turning into realities, and that you’ve chosen the very best highs of all. Your life is yours, but we are here when you need us. Contact Vertava Health for any help you may need.