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How to Find Support in Recovery

How to Find Support in Recovery

The difference between long-term recovery and relapse often comes down to support. Recovery from addiction can be overwhelming, and it is not something that most people can go through on their own. Having a community of support in recovery that you can turn to when times get tough or reach out to for regular encouragement could save you from relapse.  

Tips for Building a Support System in Addiction Recovery

Finding support in addiction recovery is so important, but actually building up your support system can be a challenge. You may not know exactly where to turn or who you can depend on. To help, our addiction treatment specialists are sharing a few tips on how to find support in recovery so you can achieve lasting sobriety.

Attend Multiple Recovery Meetings

You should already be attending recovery meetings to keep up with your sobriety, but do not feel confined to one group. Attend multiple different meetings to find a group that you like with people you connect with. Once you find this group, you could get together or talk with the people outside of the meeting to strengthen your relationship with them and build up your support system in recovery.

Go to Family Therapy

Chances are that when you were in active addiction you burned a lot of bridges with family members and friends. Now that you are in recovery, it may be time to try to rebuild these relationships so that you have more people there to support you. Family addiction counseling can help prompt this healing. Even if your loved ones are already willing to forgive you, they may not know how. Family therapy can also teach them how to support someone in addiction recovery.

Join Something

Along with saying goodbye to drugs and alcohol, part of recovery may mean saying goodbye to certain friends or family who could put your sobriety in jeopardy. This can leave you feeling lonely or isolated, so it is important to meet new people. Join various groups, activities, teams, or classes. These programs give you the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. It can also be beneficial to have new people in your support system who don’t need to know all the details of your past.

Look Online

Especially if you unable to meet in-person, online forums or support groups can help you stay connected and build up your support system in recovery. Online there is also a sense of anonymity, so it may help you open up more if you have been struggling to do so. Just be careful where you go and understand that not everyone on the internet will be supportive.

More Treatment

One of the best ways of building a community in recovery of people who will support you is to return to treatment. Our intensive and standard outpatient program holds group therapy sessions for people facing similar struggles.  This helps you regularly touch base with other people in recovery as well as connect with people in your community.   Learning how to find support in recovery and connecting with people who will help you may take some time. If you are struggling in early recovery and looking for help, we are here. Our addiction treatment center could give you both the support and guidance you need to achieve life-long sobriety.