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Signs of Drug Use in Men

Man grabs his own face, showing signs of substance use in men

Many men struggle with substance abuse, and it can be difficult to recognize the signs. It’s important to take note of any changes in behaviors or visual cues that could signal a problem. If you are concerned about a loved one, call Vertava Health at 844.470.0410 today. Our men’s addiction treatment center is here to help. We are here to help you spot signs of drug use in men. Everyone deserves a healthy and happy life.

Signs of Drug Use in Men

It’s important to know about the signs of drug use in men. Spotting the following signs can save lives:

1. Changes in mood – Drug use can cause a variety of mood changes, such as sudden outbursts, drastic shifts in attitude, or apathy.

2. Loss of interest – Men may begin to lose interest in activities that once brought them joy and happiness. They may also become more distant from family and friends.

3. Neglect of hygiene – Men may start to neglect their hygiene, such as not showering or brushing their teeth.

4. Changes in sleep patterns – Drug users may stay up late or sleep during the day to hide their usage, and this change in sleep patterns can be a telltale sign of addiction.

5. Financial struggles – When someone is addicted to drugs, they may have trouble paying bills and struggle to make ends meet.

6. Unexplained purchases – Drug users may start buying items they can’t explain or don’t need. This could be anything from pipes to drug paraphernalia, or they may stop buying necessities like food and rent.

7. Changes in appetite – Drug use can cause an increase or decrease in appetite; men may start to lose weight without explanation.

8. Loss of motivation – Addiction can destroy a person’s motivation, leaving them feeling listless and apathetic toward goals or aspirations they once had.

If you notice any of these signs of substance use in men, it’s important to reach out for help.

Treatment For These Addictions

Addiction treatment takes on many facets due to the uniquely complex nature of the disease. Your loved one will go through the rigors of detoxification to remove all traces of the drug from his body. This can be a physically difficult process when performed alone, but in a rehab center, he will receive common medications that can make the process nearly pain-free. This will eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety from recovery.

The most difficult part will come in assessing the psychological and behavioral reasons for his addiction. This takes a lot of focus, support, and honesty. Counseling in private or group sessions is likely, as is the intensive psychological analysis and even medication to help treat depression and anxiety. This helps calm your loved one’s emotions and creates a more stable and understanding mental environment. After that, he will go through treatments like yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy to gauge the source of problematic behaviors. Yoga and meditation clear the mind and help him approach his life in an honest fashion. Cognitive-behavioral therapy identifies problematic behavior and thought patterns and teaches new, positive ones to replace them.

Overcoming Addiction at Vertava Health

If you believe that your loved one is suffering from an addiction, it is time to help him. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and fight for the health of your loved one. Recovering in a professional and caring rehab center is key to beating addiction and regaining a life free of substances. Contact Vertava Health at 844.470.0410 today to learn more about treatment methods. Our addiction specialists will work hard to carefully identify the problems contributing to his addiction and give him the support he needs to recover. We’ll help you find a treatment center near you specializing in men. Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us now and help save his life.