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Why You Should Not Put Off Addiction Treatment

Why You Should Not Put Off Addiction Treatment

Like hospitals and other healthcare providers, addiction treatment is an essential health need, and all four of our campuses remain open to provide life-saving and transformative care. Addiction never takes a day off, even though much of the world is currently waiting on the sidelines. If you’ve been struggling with substance use, but haven’t wanted to disrupt your normal daily routine, now can be the perfect time to seek care.

How We’re Keeping Our Treatment Centers Safe

Although everyone’s lives have been a bit more worrisome and unconventional in recent weeks, your care and well-being remain our top priority at each of our campuses. We’re taking added measures to protect the health and safety of our patients and team members while continuing to provide well-rounded and comprehensive care for addiction. Here are just some of the actions we are taking:

  • daily screening of all staff and patients for symptoms of COVID-19
  • tracking the latest guidelines provided by the CDC, WHO, and regional health officials
  • restricting visitors to reduce the chance of accidental transmission
  • encouraging ground transportation to our facilities in lieu of flying
  • increasing sanitary procedures and deep cleanings at all of our locations
  • securing gloves, gowns, soap, masks, and hand sanitizers at our campuses
  • altering dining protocols to minimize contacts and promote healthful eating


The Importance Of Addiction Treatment Right Now

In addition to the measures we’re taking to ensure patient and staff safety, this is also the time to acknowledge that addiction is a disease that requires immediate attention, care, and treatment. If you contract COVID-19 in the midst of struggling with addiction, things could get worse. Many people struggling with substance use disorder (SUD) also may be at an increased risk for developing COVID-19 because of limited access to quality healthcare and medication and co-occurring physical and mental health conditions. However, there is added safety for being around healthcare professionals at this time. If you should have any need arise during your stay, our clinical staff can take immediate and appropriate steps for getting you medical attention on-site, or to a higher level of care. Rest assured, we continue to serve our patients with the highest quality of addiction treatment care. Please connect with us and we can address any of your questions related to the treatment experience and our heightened health and safety preparedness actions.