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I’m An Alcoholic And Need Help

Man puts head in hands and wonders, "am I an alcoholic?"

Are you typing “Help. I am an alcoholic” or “I’m an alcoholic and need help” into Google? If so, that is a great sign. If you’re ready to ask for help for your alcohol addiction, you’ve already taken the most crucial step towards recovery. Next is to seek professional help. Alcoholism is a serious and complex physical, mental, and emotional health issue. Treatment is available and can help you, and your loved ones overcome the disease of alcoholism.

If you or a loved one are addicted to alcohol, an alcohol addiction treatment program can help. Professional treatment programs provide a supportive and safe environment for individuals to learn about the disease of alcoholism. Contact Vertava Health at 844.470.0410 today to learn more about the different treatment options available.

I’m an Alcoholic and Need Help

“I’m an alcoholic and need help. It is wonderful to be able to admit this. Alcoholism is a health condition in which your body has become physically dependent on alcohol to feel normal. If you’ve ever suffered from the following conditions, you may have developed alcoholism:

  • Increased alcohol tolerance, which requires drinking higher amounts of liquor
  • Inability to feel “relaxed” or “normal” without drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, sweating, nausea, and dizziness
  • Severe instances of depression that only disappear when you drink
  • Loss of appetite, i.e., drinking your supper
  • Increased severity of headaches

Some people who suffer from alcoholism may suffer from extreme symptoms, such as hallucinations and even seizures. These symptoms are primarily related to delirium tremens, a situation that occurs when alcohol is absent from the body and can be life-threatening.

Alcohol Use vs. Alcoholism

Alcohol use and alcoholism are related but aren’t the same. People can use alcohol for years without developing any symptoms of true alcoholism. Signs of alcohol use include instances of the following occurring multiple times in a 12-month period:

  • Problems at work, school, or home
  • Drinking despite personal issues
  • Continued problems with the law that are related to drinking
  • Physical and emotional breakdowns have occurred, and you continue to drink
  • Repeatedly drinking until you are sick or drinking for multiple days in a row

If you suffer from these symptoms, you likely regularly use alcohol. This creates a higher risk of developing alcoholism.

Alcoholism Treatment Options

Alcoholism treatment is essential if you want to overcome the condition and lead a healthy life. Professional treatment centers provide an array of options. These include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapies
  • Combination of all three

The best course of action will depend on the severity of your addiction. It will also rely on other factors, such as underlying mental health concerns or co-occurring disorders. Treatment centers can provide a safe and supportive environment to help you learn how to manage your addiction and develop the skills needed to live a healthy, sober life.

Typically alcoholism treatment starts with detox. Detoxification is a medical process that removes the alcohol from your system. During detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, nausea, and anxiety. Detoxing in a medical setting can help you manage any health risks and reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms.

Treating the Underlying Issues

Many people who suffer from alcoholism also have one or more underlying mental health that contributes to the development of their addiction. These problems include:

  • Depression
  • Traumatic events
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Stress and anxiety

Addressing the underlying mental health conditions allows you to get a better understanding of the roots of your alcohol addiction and how to manage them in recovery better.

Vertava Health Urges You To Reach Out for Help

When you are ready to reach out for help, Vertava Health is here. We provide evidence-based treatment protocols tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. We aim to help each person achieve long-term sobriety and lead a healthier, happier life. Contact us today at [DIrect] for more information on our programs or to get started on the path to recovery. We are here for you.