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Vertava Health’ Weekly Roundup 2/3-2/9

2/3/18 – 2/9/18

Here are some of the most noteworthy events that happened this week in the addiction and mental health community around the world.

Opioid Epidemic Pushes More Children Into Foster Care

The rate of children being placed in foster care is surging in the wake of America’s opioid crisis. According to a social services director in North Carolina, as many as 90 percent of the children she works with have tested positive for two or more drugs after being taken from their homes- and this is just one county in the United States. As opioid-related death rates continue to rise, social services workers increasingly worry that this epidemic is creating a generation of lost children. Read more about how the opioid epidemic is affecting the foster care system.

Families Recognized As Important Part Of Addiction Recovery By Researchers

Family has been considered an integral part of addiction recovery for a long time, and now there is research to back it up. Addiction experts say that rehabilitation from addiction is much more effective when families are regularly involved in the process. This conclusion is pushing addiction treatment facilities to develop more comprehensive family programs. Read more about this study and it’s finding.

Reality TV Star Whitney Thore Discusses Heartbreak Of Watching Her Friend Struggle With Addiction

Addiction can happen to anyone- even reality TV stars. In a recent episode of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore opens up about her close friend’s cocaine addiction. After trying to manage his addiction on his own for years, Whitney’s friend, Buddy, entered and inpatient addiction treatment program to seek long-term recovery. While his friends are shocked, Buddy says his trip to rehab has been a long time coming. Hear Buddy speak candidly about his addiction and recovery process.

Alabama Joins Growing List Of States To Sue Oxycontin Maker For Their Role In The Opioid Crisis

On Tuesday, Alabama became the latest state to file a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, the maker of the highly addictive opioid Oxycontin. This lawsuit, like the many others that have been filed against Purdue Pharma, states that the company fueled the opioid epidemic by understating the risks of Oxycontin while overstating the benefits. Read more about the lawsuit. 

Those Struggling With Addiction Seek Strength Through Online Communities

The power of the internet is now being harnessed for addiction recovery, but it’s not just a place for those in recovery. Online forums, Facebook groups and chat rooms have become a safe space for those who have lost their loved ones to addiction to speak about their grief without fear of hateful commentary. At a time when nearly half of all American report having a close friend or family member who has suffered from addiction, the online community is a vital gathering place for support. Read more about the online communities are helping those in recovery and their loved ones.

Detroit Becomes An Example Of How Cities Can Successfully Combat The Opioid Epidemic

Detroit, a town that was once known as Murder City, is now being heralded for their efforts to combat the city’s opioid problem. Detroit judges are bringing down murder charges against dealers whose drug sales result in death and health care fraud charges against doctors who overprescribe opioids- but it doesn’t stop there. Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, defense counsel, probation officers are also collaborating with treatment providers to help drug-court participants build accountability and make healthy choices. Read more about Detroit’s approach

Houston Resident Hosts Sober Bowl- A Sober Super Bowl Party- For Second Year In A Row

As a sober person and huge football fan, Houston resident Tracy Abbott saw the need for a place to enjoy the NFL’s biggest game of the year without the presence of drugs or alcohol. This is why he created the Sober Bowl two years ago, an event where people can watch the Super Bowl without the having to worry about the drunken crowds or fans. Learn more about the Sober Bowl.