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Vertava Health’ Weekly Roundup: 1/28-2/2

1/28/18 – 2/2/18

Some of the most noteworthy things that happened this week in the addiction and mental health community around the world

Addiction And Mental Illness In Music

Mental illness and addiction have long been taboo topics that often swept under the rug. However, more and more it seems that young rap artists are trying to change this by singing about issues like depression, addiction and suicide. Read about how this new trend in music could bring addiction and mental illness out of the shadows and start an important conversation.

Dozens Assigned To Combat Online Opioid Sales

Online opioid sales have skyrocketed in recent years due to the perceived safety of remaining anonymous behind a computer screen. Now, the FBI is cracking down on online drug sales. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Monday that he’s assigning dozens more federal agents and analyst to thwart online sales of illicit drugs. Learn more about this directive.

My Boyfriend Tried A ‘Miracle Cure’ For Heroin Addiction

Melissa met her boyfriend outside of an AA meeting on her sixth day of sobriety. On their first date, he introduced her to ibogaine- a natural substance that supposedly alleviates symptoms of opioid withdrawal. After using ibogaine, Melissa’s boyfriend didn’t just consider himself sober, he considered himself cured of addiction for good- but she soon realizes there is no such thing as a ‘miracle cure’ for addiction. Read Melissa’s full story.

Addiction Recovery Program For Students On Campus

Founded in March 2016, Recovery Rising is a program at Arizona State University that aims to provide a space for students recovering from substance addictions to connect and achieve their academic and recovery goals. Not only does this program offer AA meetings on campus, but they also host roundtable discussions in order to educate others on addiction and recovery. Read more about this program and the people who founded it.

Kate Middleton To Open An Addiction Treatment Facility In Essex

After donating to Action to Addition, a community-based addiction recovery program, for many years, Kate Middleton is taking steps to open up another branch of this program in Essex, England. The new addiction treatment center will offer an effective alternative to residential treatment, and enables the charity to provide services for more people in more places. Learn more about Kate’s plan.

Online Drug Sales Skyrocket, But Homicide Rates Remain Low

For decades, drug dealers used street corners and empty alleyways as their office. However, with the rise of the internet and cellphones, the business of dealing drugs has evolved into something vastly more complex and harder for police to disrupt. Despite rapidly changing business models and an increase in money being funneled into the U.S. drug trade, the FBI notes that homicide rate in major cities still remain low. Learn more about this correlation.

West Virginia Town With A Population Of 3,000 Receives Millions Of Prescription Opioids

The United States is in the middle of an opioid epidemic that’s been driven primarily by the use of prescription painkillers. As the death toll rises, the government is pouring countless resources into finding a solution and slowing sales of prescription painkillers. This is why the government agency responsible for investigating the opioid crisis has become increasingly interested in a 3,000 population town in West Virginia that received 10.2 million hydrocodone pills and 10.6 million over the course of a decade. Read more about this ongoing investigation.