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3 Benefits of Seeking Long-Term Rehab for Recovery

a group of people discuss the benefits of long-term rehab for recovery

Long-term rehab for recovery is one of the best methods for attaining lasting sobriety. Many people prefer short-term rehab because it can be more cost-effective and requires less time commitment. Yet the reality is that short-term addiction treatment lasting just one or two months may not be sufficient to produce the kind of results people desire. That is especially true in cases of severe or long-term addiction. Ultimately, long-term rehab for recovery is an excellent approach for getting and staying sober. Discover the benefits of long-term rehab by calling 844.470.0410.

How Long Is Long-Term Rehab?

Before diving into the benefits, it is worth defining what it means to say somewhere offers long-term addiction rehab. In order to qualify as a long-term rehab, a program must be at least six months in length. Many programs last for one or even two years.

The goals of long-term rehab typically include:

  • Providing a stable environment
  • Offering daily support and structured routines
  • Guiding patients back toward self-sufficiency
  • Providing sober socialization through support groups and mentoring opportunities

Most long-term rehab programs guide people through four steps in recovery: initial assessment, detox, addiction treatment, and aftercare. The initial evaluation and detox may conclude after just a few days or a couple of weeks at most. Addiction treatment lasts during the program’s entirety. Finally, aftercare may extend for years following formal treatment. The term refers to the period of time after treatment ends. People may continue seeing a therapist, attending a support group, or receiving services but have officially completed a round of formal treatment.

Top Benefits of Long-Term Rehab for Recovery

Many benefits of long-term rehab exist. We’ve described three primary benefits of long-term rehab in detail below.

1. Better Results

Research is clear: long-term rehab produces more positive outcomes than short-term rehab. That does not diminish the utility of short-term rehab. But long-term rehab simply has a better track record of helping people recover and maintain their sobriety over time.

Part of the reason here lies in the complexity of addiction. Untangling the web of underlying causes of addiction takes time. People struggling with an addiction have likely developed negative thought and behavior patterns that require time and attention to unravel. Common underlying causes for addiction include:

  • Chronic stress
  • Histories of trauma
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Major life changes

Addressing those root causes is not impossible. However, it is unrealistic in many cases to expect they can be resolved in just a few weeks. Long-term addiction rehab provides the time and space to dig in and develop necessary coping skills for stress, cravings, and negative emotions.

2. Allows for Peer Relationships

Developing sober relationships with peers in recovery is a key benefit of long-term addiction rehab. Short-term programs are generally over before deep bonds can be built. Addiction is often an isolating, lonely experience. Knowing you are not alone is often motivating for people in rehab. Long-term rehab for recovery lets people forge meaningful connections as they attend support groups together and live in the same sober community.

3. Removes Distractions

Even short-term rehab programs provide relief from environmental pressures and distractions. But the timeline is often shorter than people need. Returning home before you have the tools to stay in recovery can lead to relapse. The extended timeline offered by long-term rehab for recovery means people can relearn healthy habits and build a strong foundation for resisting stressors and temptations before they return to their normal lives.

Experience Long-Term Rehab at Vertava Health

Vertava Health operates high-quality, long-term rehab facilities around the country. Many people who have struggled to overcome addiction in a short-term program find real success in long-term addiction rehab. Find out more about the benefits of long-term rehab by contacting 844.470.0410 or completing the online form.