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10 Best Apps for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

a man looking at his phone for apps for alcohol addiction recovery

Most people use cell phones every day, so adding an alcohol recovery app and using it can help you continue along a good path. Looking at an alcohol recovery app on your phone could help remind you to stay on track. Some apps even offer to send inspirational quotes or messages daily to your phone. So, if you are interested in trying an app or two, you may wonder, what are the ten best apps for alcohol addiction recovery? The alcohol addiction treatment program at Vertava Health has created a list. 

List Of The Top 10 Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps

There are many apps available, whether you have an Apple or Android device.  The list below is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good place to start.

12 Steps AA Companion App

This app is for iPad tablets, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android. It has a sobriety calculator that tracks the number of years, months, days, and hours you have been sober. If you are looking for an original app that members of Alcoholics Anonymous have used, then this is the app for you. It also features a Big Book reader, which is the writings that are the basis of AA, a search tool, the ability to add notes and copy text, an AA contact database, and more. You can purchase the 12 Steps AA Companion app for $2.99 in the Apple app store and $1.99 in the Android app store.

AA Big Book and More App

If paying for an app does not appeal to you, you should check out the AA Big Book and More app. It is called the “AA Big Book and More” in the Apple store and is simply called “AA Big Book Free” or “Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous” in the Android store. Both apps are free and contain the Big Book text and a sobriety calculator, and also will deliver a daily motivational message to your phone.

AA Speakers to Go App

The AA Speakers to Go app is available for Apple products and Android devices. If you are busy and don’t have time to read, this is the perfect app for you. This app comes with over 400 speaker tapes dating from the 1930s to the present, a Big Book study that was recorded in Nashville, and more. You will hear stories just like in an AA meeting. This app could be right for you, whether you are on the road or just want to listen and not read. It’s free in the Android store and only $4.99 in the Apple store.

Today’s Step: Recovery App

Today’s Step: Recovery app does not have a sobriety tracker like some other apps. However, if you love to receive daily inspirational quotes and messages along with video exercises to help you maintain sobriety, this is the app for you. It’s a great app that can give you the reminder you need to keep you on track. It has stories from people who are also in recovery and offers meditation assistance. This app is available for $2.99 for both Apple and Android products.

I Am Sober App

The I Am Sober app does not offer a Big Book study guide, so this app is best used along with an app that does offer the Big Book. However, this app’s simple yet easily navigable design and clean interface appeal to users. It’s an easy way to track your sobriety and marks milestones on your sobriety journey. The I Am Sober app can be purchased for $1.99 at both the Apple and Android stores.

RecoveryBox Addiction Recovery Toolbox App

While not available for Android, the RecoveryBox Addiction Recovery Toolbox app might be a good option for those with Apple products. This app allows you to track your sobriety and your triggers. It also provides activities to monitor your sobriety. It’s $1.99 in the Apple app store.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day App

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day app is offered for both Apple and Android users. If you have been to a 12-step program or would like to utilize meditation on your road to recovery, this app could be the perfect fit for you. With this app, you will receive daily meditations from the best-selling meditation book on your road to recovery. You can do things such as:

  • Share messages with your friends via sync to email
  • Bookmark your favorite meditations
  • Search meditations by keyword
  • Get a reminder notification each day to read your daily message
  • Shake your phone to get a random inspirational message
  • Customize the font size

The price is $4.99 for both Apple and Android products, but it’s definitely worth the price with so many features. Android and Apple users give the app five stars.

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study App

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study can be found on the Android store. If you are an Apple user, look up the app under the name Joe and Charlie. This app also allows you to track your sobriety and access recorded tracks of Joe and Charlie, who are members of AA, speaking about recovery. These tracks were recorded in 1988 after Joe and Charlie had been sober for 20 years. Joe and Charlie are witty in these tracks, but they also have a serious side. It also offers the text of the Big Book, the Serenity Prayer, a sobriety calculator, the AA Preamble, and many more things to help your sobriety journey. The app is free and ready to install on your Android device right now and for just $2.99 in the Apple app store.

SoberTool App

If you feel that you are tempted or feel triggered to take a drink, download this app right now. SoberTool app was developed by a licensed chemical dependency and certified alcoholism counselor, and its purpose is to help you kick your cravings. Anytime you feel that you crave or are tempted to have alcohol, just click on the app, and questions will appear on your screen. These questions will lead you to a message of staying sober and will help you address the trigger or temptation causing the craving. It’s free for Apple and Android users, so try it today.

Sober Grid App

All of the apps so far have been some of the best apps out there to help with your alcohol addiction, but Sober Grid is unique. It’s also a free app for both Android and Apple devices that helps you stay sober anywhere in the world. It’s a social networking app that allows you to connect with a sober community that spans the globe. You can make new friends or connect with current friends to help you stay sober. You can share content on the news feed and have private chats with other sober individuals. It also gives you access to seek help from the sober community. In addition, you can stay completely anonymous or provide as many details, or as few, as you want about yourself. This is an exciting app, so check it out and install it on your device today.

Apps and Your Recovery

There are hundreds of apps that can help you on your road to alcohol addiction recovery. Hopefully, this list gives you an idea of the many top-rated apps. Check out the apps above (or others) to find out more information and to read app reviews. Finding an app to help you with recovery is a great tool to use in maintaining sobriety. Whether you find one or ten recovery apps that you like, it’s definitely worth a try.

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