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Cold, Clinical And Disconnected? Not On Our Vertava Health.

At Vertava Health we provide a safe, secure, monitored environment for all of our clients.  It is important that our clients residing in our facilities receive a high degree of supervision, structure, and therapeutic services while feeling safe in our home away from home.We offer a campus environment that challenges and empowers clients to confront the addiction illness and the underlying issue that either led them to or have resulted from that addiction. In doing so, we help our clients realize their full potential beyond addiction and help them begin the make responsible choices – by teaching them how to believe in and trust themselves.Our job is to help clients get back on track, assist them in building a strong foundation for their life, and develop the behavioral habits necessary to return home or to a lower level of care. This begins by maintaining an environment which provides for the safety, security, and well-being of the clients by making the campus daily life one of positive, emotionally corrective, and normalizing experiences.   We model and teach clients how to begin to cultivate healthy thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions as well as working through troubling emotional and mental conflicts and events.It is also important that the client’s family and others important to them remain a significant part of their experience through visits, phone calls, re-integration activities, collaboration, and family therapy.

Proper Addiction Treatment At All Levels Of Care.

levels of careOur campuses are set up to handle all levels of care.  We have medical detox, residential treatment,outpatient treatment, and sober / transitional living programs.  It is our goal to make sure that every client has the proper treatment for his struggle, not try to fit the client into a preset treatment mold.

We have 15 to 50 acres of treatment space at our campuses to allow freedom of movement and thought for reflection times during our classes.

24 / 7 Addiction Recovery Support Hotline: 1-844-470-0410