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Inpatient Treatment At Vertava Health

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Inpatient treatment provides the intense attention necessary to manage deficits associated with addiction, such as cravings and impaired functioning. By providing a safe and stable environment, Vertava Health offers patients the best chance of recovery.

What Does Inpatient Treatment Involve?

At Vertava Health, inpatient drug and alcohol treatment means living in a comfortable community that is recovery-focused. Our rehab centers provide individualized care plans so each patient receives services catered to their needs. 

By being fully immersed in a treatment environment, patients receive help developing and meeting goals. It’s an opportunity for:

  • a better chance at long-term sobriety
  • education that allows patients to create coping tools that help prolong sobriety
  • changing behaviors that contribute to drug or alcohol use

Also, our live-in facilities diagnose and treat co-occurring mental health conditions that may contribute to substance use. This is known as dual diagnosis or comorbidity treatment.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

In 2014, an estimated 7.9 million people were diagnosed with both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. There is a clear pattern that shows these two conditions tend to fuel one another. Exactly why this happens is unknown, but there are four widely accepted hypotheses:

  • both have common risk factors such as genetics
  • substance use precipitates a secondary mental health disorder
  • an existing mental health condition triggers self-medication that leads to addiction
  • bidirectional occurrences, meaning one develops and triggers the other in a cycle

Those who receive treatment for just one of the conditions will likely be noncompliant. Dual diagnosis requires an integrated care approach with both psychotherapy and behavioral therapies for the best possible outcome.

What Is The Difference Between Inpatient And Residential Treatment?

Inpatient and residential treatment are terms used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference worth noting. 

Inpatient care focuses more on medical healing modalities such as detox support and medication-assisted treatment. Residential care tends to take a more psychological approach with a focus on therapy and counseling.

Vertava Health offers both inpatient and residential treatment. 

What is Inpatient Detox?

Inpatient detox is a live-in environment that is medically supervised and offers 24-hour nursing and comfort care. It is the first step on the road to recovery and allows the body to prepare for primary treatment by ridding itself of the chemical substance.

Inpatient detox programs provide a safe place for withdrawal. It offers medication that can ease the withdrawal process and help manage the potentially dangerous side effects.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

MAT provides medication that can help control urges and extend sobriety for opioid and alcohol use disorders. Drugs such as naltrexone or buprenorphine replace opioids or alcohol, allowing for reduced withdrawal symptoms and dependence. 

MAT programs pair drug therapy with behavioral management for a chance at prolonged recovery, and may be offered as part of inpatient treatment.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

There are many variables to consider when choosing an appropriate treatment option. Inpatient care has features that are different from an outpatient program, such as:

  • 24-hour monitoring and care
  • a highly structured atmosphere that focuses on every aspect of addiction, including social and psychological factors
  • medical treatment 24-hours a day
  • separation from potential triggers

Inpatient treatment may start with inpatient detox, a transition to a residential setting, and then aftercare that provides support when primary treatment ends.

The right candidate for inpatient treatment might:

  • experience constant urges that are difficult to control
  • not be able to follow an outpatient protocol, such as showing up for therapy sessions
  • not have a reliable support system outside of treatment
  • have multiple disorders and need a multifaceted program
  • have the need for special accommodations like pregnancy
  • require specialized programs such as gender-specific or trauma therapy
  • be looking for the most comprehensive treatment available

Inpatient Treatment Includes Aftercare

Since addiction is a chronic disease, relapse is common. Our inpatient treatment also provides a connection to aftercare resources that strengthen the patient’s support system outside of a formal rehab program.

Inpatient treatment at Vertava Health offers comprehensive services for substance use disorders. It is the initial primary treatment stage for those in need of a long-term recovery solution, as well as the most intensive care available for drug or alcohol addiction.

For more information about inpatient care at Vertava Health, please contact us today.


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